The Definition of Insanity: “Far Cry 3″ Review

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The Far Cry series has offered gamers a fresh alternative to big-name shooters like Activision's Call of Duty series (and every shooter that tries to emulate it) since the first title dropped in 2004.

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The Shelf Life Test: Halo 4

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New game heeby jeebies, hype and reviews right at launch unnecessarily make a big release's worth black and white.


Everything’s Bettter With Jetpacks: “Hybrid” Review


How many times, while playing your third-person shooter of choice have you thought, “Gee, I wish I could jetpack over to the enemy territory”.


Next Generation: 10 Features We Want To See In The Xbox 720 & Playstation 4

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Words By AJ & S. Cadet Don’t get too excited about that shiny new Playstation 3 that you got for Christmas.


Coming Attractions: The New ESPN 2.0 For Xbox 360

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Unless gaming is just your thing or you have an abundance of free time, there's a pretty good chance your Xbox 360 has been relegated to Netflix status.


Barely Cracking The Surface: Crackdown 2 Review

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Crackdown sold over a million copies in ’07 with much of its success attributed to it serving as an entry into the Halo 3 beta.

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Perfect Dark Remix? Don’t Mind If I Do!

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I guess the trend in games these days is "what's old is new" as Perfect Dark follows the footsteps of NBA Jam and Sonic.

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