This Summer, Motorcycle Owners Will Be Able To Live Out Their ‘Halo’ Fantasies In Style


Every wanted to ride your motorcycle in Master Chief style? Well, starting this summer you'll get your wish.

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Is A New ‘Battletoads’ On The Way?

By | 18 Comments

Nothing's been confirmed, but Microsoft is dropping a lot of hints about 'Battletoads.'


Free Software, Shared Apps, And Frickin’ Holograms: What You Need To Know About Windows 10

By | 12 Comments

Windows 10 is official today. And Microsoft is making some bold moves, including featuring some frickin' holograms.


Microsoft Is Giving Away Free Windows 10 Upgrades To Windows 7 And 8 Users

By | 24 Comments

Microsoft is apologizing for making you put up with Windows 8, by giving you free Windows 10.


‘The Simpsons’ To Appear In ‘Minecraft’ For Xbox Consoles Next Month

By | 4 Comments

Seems our favorite yellow family 'The Simpsons' will be appearing in 'Minecraft' for Xbox users starting in February.

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Microsoft, Just Cut The XBox One’s Price Already

By | 6 Comments

Microsoft is cutting the Xbox One's price back to $350. But really, it should just be a permanent cut.


Nokia’s Got The $29 Burner Phone You Can Tweet With

By | 6 Comments

If you're looking for a cheap, durable phone to surf the internet with, you might not have to wait much longer.

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Microsoft Has Freed Up More Xbox One Processing Power, Putting It In Line With The PS4

By | 36 Comments

Some recent multiplatform games have actually performed better on Xbox One. What's the deal?

internet explorer

Microsoft Has Decided To Finally Get Rid Of Internet Explorer

By | 61 Comments

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is finally headed for that great Recycle Bin in the sky.


Mojang And Telltale Are Teaming Up For The Narrative-Driven ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’


Always wished 'Minecraft' had more story? Well too bad, it's happening anyway.

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Game On: The Xbox One Topped The Playstation 4 In Black Friday Sales

By | 28 Comments

The Xbox One is gaining momentum and actually beat the PS4 in the biggest shopping month of the year.

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Start Your Speeder Bike Engines, Microsoft May Be Making A New ‘Battletoads’

By | 8 Comments

Could Microsoft be bringing back one of the hardest games of all time?


The Future Of Pizza Ordering Is Here Thanks To The Xbox One

By | 3 Comments

The future is now thanks to Xbox One's nifty voice command pizza ordering functionality, but is it convenient enough?


The First Trailer For ‘Halo: Nightfall’ Sure Has A Lot Of Uncovered Faces In It

By | 3 Comments

'Halo: Nightfall' looks solid, but it doesn't look much like Halo.


Owner Steve Ballmer Wants Clippers To Ditch Apple

By | 3 Comments

When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Clippers for a record $2 billion, the sale was still shrouded by the then-ongoing Donald Sterling fiasco.


Here’s How The ‘Minecraft’ Guy Celebrated Microsoft’s $2 Billion Purchase


Mojang, the makers of 'Minecraft,' just got paid by Microsoft and some of the game's characters are enjoying their new wealth.


Microsoft Now Owns Minecraft. What Next?

By | 6 Comments

Minecraft is now a Microsoft product... so where does one of the most popular video games of all time go from here?


Microsoft Is Buying Minecraft For $2 Billion

By | 5 Comments

'Minecraft' is about to be sold to the company that's benefited from it the most.


Microsoft Paid $400 Million For NFL Teams To Use Surface Tablets And A Fox Announcer Called Them iPads

By | 17 Comments

Fox's John Lynch accidentally referred to the Microsoft Surface, 'The Official Tablet of the NFL,' as an 'iPad-like tool.'

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