An Oregon Middle School Football Coach Was Fired For Planning A Party For His Team At Hooters

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A middle school football coach in the Portland, Oregon area was fired for planning a team party at Hooters.

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Let’s Watch An 11-Year Old Running Back Hurdle A Defender


An 11-year old running back hurdled a defender, and the clip is amazing if it isn't a telephone commercial in disguise.


And Now, The Ending To Somebody's Inspirational Kids Sports Comedy

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Bob's Blitz sent this over, and there's no way that it's real.


Behold! Bol Bol, Son Of Manute!

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If it helps, you're supposed to read that headline like the cover of a Jack Kirby comic.


52-Year Old Man Punches Eighth Grader In Face For Losing At Basketball

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By way of Prep Rally and numerous local news anchors who seriously cannot believe this shit, a 52-year old Eagan, Minnesota, man was arrested and charged with fifth-degree domestic assault for responding to a a youth basketball tournament loss by grabbing his 13-ish year old son with one arm and repeatedly punching him in the face with the other.


Seventh-Grade Steelers Fan Sent Home From School

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13-year-old Grendon Bailie (not pictured) was dismissed earlier today from Tacoma's Truman Middle School after he decided to wear a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey on what the school designated a Seattle Seahawks spirit day.

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