WATCH: Woody Allen did 'Midnight in Paris' as a stand-up act 50 years ago

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Most people know that Woody Allen was a stand-up comedian before he was a filmmaker, but what you may not realize is that he basically described the plot of<a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/06/midnight-in-paris-bill-ted-for-liberal-arts-majors" target="_blank"> Midnight in Paris</a> in his act 50 years ago.


Oscars? Woody Allen ain't care.

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And now, children, I read to you from the <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2011/06/man-woody-allen-is-old" target="_blank">book of</a> "Woody Allen Ain't Care," volume three, verse 25, year 76.


SUPERCUT: Every curse word from this year's Best Picture nominees

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The folks at <a href="http://www.dhreck.com/swearcuts/swear-cuts-best-picture-category-oscars-2012-reverse-censorship/" target="_blank">Dhreck.com</a> put together this supercut of all the profanity from this year's best picture nominees.


Minimal Movie Posters For Best Picture Nominees

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I dig me some minimal posters, but usually don't have much of a reason to share outside of, <a href="http://minimalmovieposters.tumblr.com/post/13602696250/pulp-fiction-by-viking-designers" target="_blank">"Oooh, lookie, this Pulp Fiction one is gimp heavy!"</a> And that's normally not enough to build an entire post around (unless there's been some sort of breaking news on gimps, of course).


Best Picture Nominees Get Infographic’d


Apologies for incorporating Clooney-over-the-hedge <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2012/02/extremely-bored-and-incredibly-cute/" target="_blank">twice in one day</a>, but I love it a little too much, and I think we can all agree it just works here.

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Owen Wilson Balls Even Harder In The Other ‘Ni**as In Midnight In Paris’ Mashup


Just a week ago <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2012/02/owen-wilson-balls-so-hard-in-nias-in-midnight-in-paris/" target="_blank">I was giving YouTube editor CrawlBeforeYouBall all sorts of love</a> for finally mashing together Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris with Jay-Z and Kanye's "Ni**as in Paris.

#Jay Z

Owen Wilson Balls So Hard In ‘Ni**as In Midnight In Paris’

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The idea of Owen Wilson traveling back in time and partying with literary legends in the 1920's with <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2012/02/jay-z-and-kanyes-video-for-nias-in-paris-is-just-awesome/" target="_blank">Jay-Z and Kanye's "Ni**as in Paris"</a> stuck in his head the entire time has just made both the film and the song even more significant to me.


84th Academy Award Nominations

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Billy Crystal Nominees for a Billy Crystal Oscars The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards were announced this morning and they're perfectly befitting a show that has Billy Crystal for a host.


You Luhrmann’d my Gatsby!

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For lovers of Jazz Age literature, I thought it couldn't get any better than Woody Allen's fictionalized depictions of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (to say nothing of Hemingway) in Midnight in Paris.


Midnight in Paris is Bill & Ted for Liberal Arts Majors

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A Night at the Jewseum: Woody Allen Molests His History Book I walked out of Midnight in Paris with a smile on my face, and frankly, I'm shocked.


Weekend Movie Guide: Super 8, Throw-up, Poo, & Pee

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Weekend Preview: I guess Super 8 is gonna be the thing this weekend, because it's pretty much the only new movie getting a wide release.


Rachel McAdams’ butt to have turgid discussion about categorical imperatives

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I'm one of those people who thinks Woody Allen has made enough influential films that he sort of gets  a pass for making just as many crappy ones.

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