#Iron Man

Video: Tom Izzo Appears at Michigan State Midnight Madness Dressed as Iron Man


When you are arguably the best basketball coach on the planet, you can do pretty much anything and it will be cool.

Young Hollywood

Video: London’s Midnight Madness Puts On A Dunk Contest Show


Saturday night's Midnight Madness event in London brought Europe's best unknown players together for a 13th straight year, but Haneef Munir, aka Young Hollywood, and Dmitry "Smoove" Krivenko sent them home buzzing because of their dueling dunk contest show.


Sir Mix-A-Lot Loves This Hippo’s Huge Inflatable Ass

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If you're a regular reader at With Leather, you know how much I love mascots.


Keion Bell Jumped Over Children

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On Friday, men’s college basketball programs across the nation celebrated the first practices of the 2010-11 season with their respective Midnight Madness events, and none of them matter because Pepperdine University is the toast of the town.

University Of North Carolina

Behind The Scenes At UNC’s Midnight Madness

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Since it began 39 years ago, Midnight Madness has become one of the most creative events in sports because it brings the past, present and future together.


Duke Is The Funniest College Basketball Team In The Country

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We already showed you the dunk contest from Duke's "Countdown to Craziness," but just like last year, the guys at Duke got a little help from the school's improv department to take it to a whole new level.


Illinois Midnight Madness Slam Dunk Contest

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And don't think that Duke was the only one holding a dunk contest last night. Check out what the Fighting Illini had in store as redshirt freshman Joseph Bertrand defeated freshman Meyers Leonard during "Illini Madness.


World’s Best Dunker Loses At Midnight Madness Dunk Contest

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After years of consistently bringing out the best dunkers in the world, Midnight Madness is fast getting a reputation as one of the best dunk contests out there.


Great Moments In Cinematic History With Duke Basketball

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As if this wasn't good enough, watch the guys from Duke reenact famous scenes from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Godfather (with Steve Wojciechowski), Titanic and Gladiator.


Season Cancelled: Duke Basketball

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While normally the highlights from Midnight Madness are simply dunk contests and cameos from former players, the guys at Duke (with help from the school's improv department) took it to a whole new level.


Guy Dupuy’s New Dunk Is Amazing

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The last dunk contest we saw Guy Dupuy in we dubbed, "The Best Dunk Contest Since Vince Carter vs. Steve Francis." But that was before we saw Guy's new dunk at Midnight Madness in England.

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