#The Walking Dead

Did Robert Kirkman Spoil A Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Death On A Comedy Show?

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Did Kirkman honestly just reveal how a major character will die? Or is he psyching us out?


Artie Lange Has Been Pulled From Thursday’s @midnight For His ESPN Slave Joke On Twitter

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Artie Lange was set to be on Comedy Central's @midnight this Thursday, but he's now been removed due to his recent Twitter controversy.

#Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm Displays His Incredible Knowledge Of Internet Cats On @midnight

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Proving that he truly is a man of the Internet, Jon Hamm professed his love for Bodega Cats on @midnight.


Presenting The Best Of Kumail Nanjiani’s Dick And Butt Jokes On ‘@Midnight’

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Kumail Nanjiani is one of our favorite new comedians, so enjoy this supercut of his appearances on Comedy Central's '@midnight'.


10 @Midnight Guests We’d Really Like To See

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Comedy Central's @midnight has become a huge success. Here's some contestants we'd like to see on the show.


Will Ferrell Is ‘Chad Softwick’ In This New @Midnight Promo And Everyone Is Confused


I really like the Chad Softwick moniker and Rob Huebel behind a contestant's stand so I'll just leave this video here.

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