The iPod Shuffle – “Pourin’ Up”

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<a href=""> "Sweet Jones or Sweet James? Switched my name, finger f*cked the game..." If there is ever a bad time to listen to listen to UGK, I pray I never experience such. On a completely different note, however, my mother would not be pleased if making women my property became my permanent career path. But if I ever just wanted to say "f*ck it" and not worry what she thought, <a href="">Max Julien</a> and Pimp C would definitely serve as my benchmarks.

Young Dro

Smokin’ Dro Week 7 – “Old Skool”

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<a href=""> Need a track to ride out to for the weekend? Look no further. And it hasn't happened <a href="">since early January</a>, but we finally have a <a href="">Mike Jones </a>sighting around TSS.


“Next To You” – Review Of Mike Jones’ The Voice

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Back in 2005, Mike Jones was the talk of the Houston mainstream rap scene.


Mike Jones Feat. T-Pain – “Scandalous Hoes II” Video

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Mike Jones is going out his way to give y'all the best experience possible with The Voice and it seems like you just don't give a damn.


Mike Jones – “Swagger Right” Video

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What could you possibly say about clip that it doesn't say for itself already.


“I’m An Outside Veteran…”

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Here's a couple new album joints from an artist we <a href="">recently smoked with</a>, Slim Thugga.

Voice Of The Streets

Mike Jones Feat. Nae Nae – “Next To You” Video

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Voice Of The Streets has the buzz of a mortuary and this certainly isn't helping the cause.

Trae Tha Truth

Apology Unaccepted…

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I've been watching this Ozone Awards/Mike Jones snuffed by Trae fiasco, laughing @ it mainly.


Still II Trill…

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<a href="">Bun B - II Trill (Bonus Tracks)</a> 01 City Of The Swang (Feat.



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Here's the hundreth single from Mike Jones' still-unreleased album, which is now-titled The Voice Of The Streets.

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