The Legendary Traxster

Mikkey Halsted – MMM Season


Mikkey called MMM Season an "album" and I'd have to agree.

The Legendary Traxster

Mikkey Halsted – “Getting To The Money” (Prod. By The Legendary Traxster)


The title of Mikkey Halsted's project MMM Season doesn't include a typo, despite the unnecessary Ms.


Mikkey Halsted – “L’s Up” & “Damn Near” Remixes

As perhaps Chicago's best rapping sociologist, leave it to Mikkey Halsted to address the city's dire straits - from the school system to violence in the streets - using the mic as his medium and weapon of choice on a remix to Lil Durk's "L's Up" and while doing a guest spot for rising Windy City MC Tree's "Damn Near.

No I.D.

Mikkey Halsted x Don Cannon – “Castro” Mixtape


"The common denominator between Chief Keef and Common.

No I.D.

Mikkey Halsted – “Obamanomics” (Prod. By No I.D.)


Crack rap continues to make a comeback, but not the type we typically think of.

Young Chop

Mikkey Halsted Feat. Pusha T – “Momma In My Ear” (Prod. By Young Chop)


Mikkey Halsted has always walked that line between saint and sinner so well in his raps, taking on the role of one who doesn't want to do bad but knows the options are few so bad is what you do.

No I.D.

Mikkey Halsted – “W.M.F.”

Mikkey Halsted has existed for years on the periphery of the Hip-Hop mainstream.


Mikkey Halsted Feat. Lupe Fiasco – “Gone”


Chicago's reputation as a war zone paints the city with tears, blood and hopelessness to those in and outside city limits.

The Legendary Traxster

Mikkey Halsted Feat. Tia London – “I Got It”

While most rappers are busy pretending they're knocking down your lady, Mikkey Halsted is scoring points close to home with "I Got It," a sultry dedication to the apple of his eye.

Tha Bizness

Mikkey Halsted – “Another Day In The Ghetto”

Mikkey returns to tell tales of sweet songs called survival with "Another Day In The Ghetto," equipped with production by Tha Bizness and a mean Biggie sample.


Mikkey Halsted And Twista Make Chicago Look Like Heaven


Nearly a month to the day after dropping their Chicago summer inspired lullaby, Mikkey Halsted and Twista double up with the liberation of the video prescription to "Linen." The two Chi-Town Blackhawks tour the city with enough eye candy to produce cavities as they explain the fruits of the Windy City's much beloved sights when there isn't 30 feet of snow on the ground.

The Dark Room

“Cameras Ready” – Review Of Mikkey Halsted’s The Dark Room


Words by C. Paicely “We go to the Arabs for our liquor. Mexicans cut our grass. The Indians sell us doughnuts. The Jews loan us cash. The Egyptians do our hair. Chinese do our nails. The government gives us dope, then Whitey throws us in jail.” Mikkey Halsted is a name some of us have heard floating around since there was a Cash Money Records to speak of. If you know him, it is as a skilled lyricist, social commentator, and impressive storyteller. If not, The Dark Room serves as an apt introduction. Opening up without music as Mikkey picks apart every level of oppression he’s experienced, properly introducing the bleak enclosure the album plans to be. Halsted attempts to be our enlightened friend, willing to pull us out of Plato’s cave and show us what the real world looks like. In “Talk Thru Me,” Mikkey teaches us the lessons he learned from his fallen friends and inspirations, but never quite hits his lyrical stride on the track. He must’ve been saving the heat for “Niggas Just Complain,” an emotional head-banger full of piano-key plucking and racial inequity. Halsted maintains this anger throughout most of the album, peaking on “Respect Mine,” a track fueled by frustration at those that would begrudge the Chi-town veteran a late entry into the upper echelon. On routine, the production on The Dark Room often straddles the fence between nothing special and lackluster. Even with beats from No I.D. sprinkled throughout the effort, we get largely forgettable sound beds, with the most catchy head-nodder being the album's early single, "The Exorcist.

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