Ashton Kutcher On Why You Should Listen To Him: ‘I Get To Have Sex With Mila Kunis’

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Ashton Kutcher knows what he's talking about. He's had sex with Mila Kunis.

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Review: ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Is Like ‘Battlefield Earth’ Without The Excuse Of Scientology

By | 149 Comments

Channing Tatum plays an albino space wolf who flies around doing parkour on floating rollerblades.


Mila Kunis Is Apparently Having Trouble With Her New Baby Boobs

By | 12 Comments

Mila Kunis is dealing with some changes in her body thank to her new baby, namely in her breasts. It's got the men staring.

jupiter ascending

‘Jupiter Ascending’ Is A Lot Like Watching ‘Attack Of The Clones’ As Your First ‘Star Wars’ Movie

By | 31 Comments

'Jupiter Ascending' has some heart, but it's a confusing movie bogged down in exposition that explains nothing.

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Mila Kunis Can’t Seduce Channing Tatum In The Latest ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Clips

By | 8 Comments

The latest clips from 'Jupiter Ascending' reveal a love story that looks equal parts 'The Matrix' and 'Spaceballs.'

jupiter ascending

Watch The Rich And Strange Extended Trailer For ‘Jupiter Ascending’

By | 13 Comments

The Wachowskis go all space opera on us in this extended trailer for 'Jupiter Ascending.'

jupiter ascending

Eddie Redmayne Whispers Us Into Extinction In The New ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailers

By | 48 Comments

Channing Tatum and Sean Bean must save Mila Kunis from Eddie Redmayne's bad guy voice in the newest TV spots for 'Jupiter Ascending.'


Mila Kunis Was Working At Rite Aid’s Ice Cream Counter While ‘That ’70s Show’ Was On The Air

By | 22 Comments

Mila Kunis' parents didn't give their actor daughter any fancy treatment back when she was a teenager.

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New ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer: Mila Kunis Is Down For Interspecies Romance

By | 14 Comments

Want to see space wolfman Channing Tatum save Mila Kunis and also Sean Bean is there? Here's the new trailer for 'Jupiter Ascending'.


A Brief History Of Mila Kunis Being So Great That We’re Willing To Overlook The Ashton Kutcher Thing

By | 14 Comments

Not that we need a legitimate excuse to talk about Mila Kunis, but it's her birthday.


Celebrate National Orgasm Day With The Best And Worst Of Hollywood’s O-Faces

By | 42 Comments

Some actors know their way around a great orgasm performance, while others are terrible. We honor them both on National Orgasm Day.


Everybody Thank Ashton Kutcher Because Now Mila Kunis Wants To Quit Acting To Be A Full-Time Mom

By | 16 Comments

If Ashton Kutcher permanently takes Mila Kunis away from us, the internet will riot.


‘Dracula Untold’ and ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Have New Trailers

By | 34 Comments

Two big movies have new trailers out today, though good luck remembering which one was which five minutes from now


Mila Kunis Gave A Wonderfully Honest Interview That Was Dismissed As ‘Brusque’

By | 34 Comments

Mila Kunis wasn't being "brusque" in a recent interview; she was being honest.


Mila Kunis Filmed An Important PSA About Men Saying ‘We’re Pregnant’

By | 3 Comments

Mila Kunis would like for men to stop saying "we're pregnant."


NOOOO! ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Gets Dropped From The Summer Schedule.

By | 14 Comments

We're going to have to wait a little longer to watch space wolfman Channing Tatum save Mila Kunis in 'Jupiter Ascending'.


‘Jupiter Ascending’ Floats Over A New Trailer

By | 3 Comments

'Jupiter Ascending' drops an action-packed new trailer for the French.


The Debut Clip From ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Is Pulpy And Campy

By | 2 Comments

'Jupiter Ascending' debuts a new clip, all about wuv.

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