We Like To Think It Happened Like This: Kris Humphries Met Ray J On A Plane

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As we grow more impatient and tiresome of this NBA lockout, I’m going to offer a promise – no more stories about Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian after today.


The 5 Biggest Reasons Why I Loved The NBA This Year

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I've never been one for wearing gear on the court.


Dime Q&A: Miles Austin Talks Hoops

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After an intense workout at the Under Armour Charged Cotton Event, we were invited back for some fruit smoothies and Gunnar Peterson-approved snacks.


Vanessa Minnillo Worked Me Out

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With the exception of a few pickup basketball games, my exercise routine since the summer has been pretty much nonexistent.


This Week In Chicks Who Bang Athletes

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Kim Kardashian recently wrapped up her miserable failure World AIDS Day fundraiser by taking time out to update E.

red bull

Miles Doesn’t Want Sloppy Seconds

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Darth Pug wants you to respect the Evil Empire.


Kim Kardashian Prefers Wideouts

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Since Reggie Bush would rather polish his Super Bowl ring than the ones pierced on Kim Kardashian, she's getting over and even by nestling up with his conference rival, Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys.


This Week In Chicks Who Bang Athletes

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They say the mark of a truly great sporting event is the ability to leave people talking about it after it’s over.


Your NFL Wildcard Recap

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The NFL playoffs are supposed to be an exposé of the best teams and players the league has to offer.


Your Week 17 NFL Recap

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Week 17 is the playoffs before the playoffs for some teams and a minor nuisance before a six month vacation for most.


Your Week 8 NFL Recap

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I’m glad the NFL has 32 teams.



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From the cult classic indie porn, Dong in Darkhole Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin threw himself a birthday party at AMPM in Dallas, which is apparently a night club and not a chain of gas station/convenience stores.

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