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Miley Cyrus Is Going To Perform Live On The Series Finale Of ‘Chelsea Lately’

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We can only imagine what Miley Cyrus has in store for the finale of 'Chelsea Lately.'

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Miley Cyrus Would Like You To Know That She Peed On A Tree This Weekend

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Miley Cyrus peed on a tree and had someone take a picture of her. Just Miley being Miley, y'all.

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Miley Cyrus Stars In A Bizarre Video With Moby And The Flaming Lips, Who Have Lost Their Damn Minds

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Wayne Coyne has A) Lost his mind, is B) Screwing with us, is C) Desperate for attention, or D) All of the above.

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Here Are Some Important Takeaways From The ‘Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour’ Special

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We watched the 'Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour' special last night so you didn't have to!

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Miley Cyrus Got Matching Tattoos Of Her Deceased Dog With Wayne Coyne Of The Flaming Lips

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Oh, just Miley Cyrus hanging out with your rock idol getting matching tattoos, NBD.

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A Vegan Fitness Model Stole Miley Cyrus’ Maserati With Her Boyfriend

By | 16 Comments

The couple who stole Miley Cyrus' care are ridiculous human beings.

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Miley Cyrus’ Home Was Robbed And She’s Acting Like A Hot Mess On Instagram

By | 7 Comments

Miley Cyrus reacts to the news of her home being broken into by getting trashed and posting the video evidence to Instagram.


It’s Miley Cyrus Vs. Jennifer Lawrence In The Battle Of Pukegate. WHO YA GOT?!

By | 16 Comments

Miley Cyrus thinks Jennifer Lawrence is a liar, all thanks to some puke.


Jennifer Lawrence Finally Details The Time She Threw Up On The Porch At Madonna’s Oscars After Party

By | 10 Comments

The Jennifer Lawrence interview you've probably heard about, revolving around vomit, Brad Pitt's scent, and a very snarky Miley Cyrus.


What The Hell Happened To The Flaming Lips?

By | 13 Comments

The Flaming Lips are now Miley Cyrus' band. What happened?

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IMPORTANT: Miley Cyrus’ Knee Looks Exactly Like Seth Rogen’s Face

By | 5 Comments

But does it hate Justin Bieber as much as Seth Rogen does?

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Three Men Known As The ‘Miley Cyrus Gang’ Started A Bar Fight By Talking About Miley Cyrus

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Three men who are being called "The Miley Cyrus Gang" launched an attack on bar patrons after loudly talking about Miley Cyrus.

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Miley Cyrus’s Topless Bondage-Themed Artsy-Fartsy Music Video Will Make You Say ‘Wut?’

By | 4 Comments

Miley Cyrus teamed up with Quentin Jones to produce this seizure-inducing music video for her single "Tongue-Tied."


Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk And Puked On Madonna’s Staircase In Front Of Miley Cyrus

By | 34 Comments

In an interview already recorded for 'Late Night,' Jennifer Lawrence admits to puking on Madonna's staircase in front of Miley Cyrus.

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Miley Cyrus Has Postponed The Rest Of Her U.S. Tour Due To That Allergic Reaction

By | 20 Comments

Miley Cyrus has postponed the rest of her American tour because of that allergic reaction. Sorry, Bangerz.

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Miley Cyrus Cancelled Her Show Last Night And Was Hospitalized Thanks To ‘A Severe Allergic Reaction To Antibiotics’

By | 6 Comments

Miley Cyrus had to cancel her 'Bangerz' tour show in Kansas City, Missouri because of a severe reaction to Antibiotics.

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Are We Going Crazy Or Is Miley Cyrus Actually Making Sense In This ‘Elle’ Interview?

By | 15 Comments

Like most young pop stars anymore, Miley Cyrus has some thoughts on feminism and whether she considers herself a feminist.

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