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Miley Cyrus Has Postponed The Rest Of Her U.S. Tour Due To That Allergic Reaction

By | 19 Comments

Miley Cyrus has postponed the rest of her American tour because of that allergic reaction. Sorry, Bangerz.


Miley Cyrus Cancelled Her Show Last Night And Was Hospitalized Thanks To ‘A Severe Allergic Reaction To Antibiotics’

By | 6 Comments

Miley Cyrus had to cancel her 'Bangerz' tour show in Kansas City, Missouri because of a severe reaction to Antibiotics.

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Are We Going Crazy Or Is Miley Cyrus Actually Making Sense In This ‘Elle’ Interview?

By | 15 Comments

Like most young pop stars anymore, Miley Cyrus has some thoughts on feminism and whether she considers herself a feminist.


This Miley Cyrus Superfan Just Found Out That The Miley Cyrus Concert Was Cancelled

By | 13 Comments

Miley Cyrus cancelled a concert on the stop of her "Bangerz" tour in Charlotte, North Carolina and NOBODY was more disappointed than this young fan.


Watch The Trailer For The Miley Cyrus Hardcore Porn Parody, ‘Molly’s Wrecking Ballz’

By | 18 Comments

Miley Cyrus finally receives the porn parody treatment in 'Molly's Wrecking Ballz.'


A Topless Photo Of Miley Cyrus Riding A Horse Has Surfaced Online

By | 5 Comments

The full nude artwork from Miley Cyrus's remix for "Adore You" has surfaced online, because of course it did.


Paramount’s Miley Cyrus Young Adult Franchise ‘Wake’ Finally Has A Writer

By | 21 Comments

'Rango' scribe James Ward Byrkit has signed on for Paramount's 'Wake' adaptation, which tells the story of a girl (Miley Cyrus) who can enter our dreams.

Let’s All Play A Game Of Guess Which Body Part Miley Cyrus Got Tattooed?

By | 13 Comments

Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo while in Tulsa, Oklahoma during her Bangerz tour. Can you guess what dumb thing she got tattooed and where?


Miley Cyrus Performed In Her Bra And Underwear Because Of Course She Did

By | 11 Comments

During a stop on her Bangerz tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last night, Miley took the stage wearing nothing but her bra and underpants. I'd be shocked if I wasn't so bored.

Try To Guess What Miley Cyrus’ Dildo Is In The Shape Of

By | 29 Comments

Next time you see Miley Cyrus, lend her a (dildo) HAND.


Of Course Miley Cyrus Made Out With Another Girl During A Las Vegas Concert

By | 6 Comments

Miley Cyrus makes out with a random girl at one of her concerts. Please to be enjoying the herpes!


Miley Cyrus Covered Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ And The Result Was Actually Pretty Good?

By | 23 Comments

You wouldn't think that Miley Cyrus covering Outkast's 'Hey Ya' would be a good idea, but you might be wrong.


Barack Obama Is Using Miley Cyrus To Destroy America, Says The Frontman Of Korn

By | 7 Comments

Wonder why America sucks so much? It's Obama and Miley's fault, says the guy from Korn.


Miley Cyrus Did Absolutely The Grossest Thing Yet During Her ‘Bangerz’ Tour

By | 21 Comments

Miley finally crossed the line of both decency and public health.

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Miley Cyrus Went Down On A Bill Clinton Impersonator In Front Of 19,000 People

By | 41 Comments

It's just Miley being Miley giving head to a fake Bill Clinton.

Fighters Only World MMA Awards

Mark Munoz Came In Like A Filipino Wrecking Ball At The World MMA Awards


Mark Munoz parodied "Wrecking Ball" at the World MMA Awards, and it was actually pretty fantastic.

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Miley Cyrus On The Cover Of ‘W Magazine’ Is A Naked Photoshop Disaster

By | 30 Comments

"W Magazine" did some unfortunate Photoshopping on Miley Cyrus.

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