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Watch (And Listen) To These Bros Lose Their Minds When A Fighter Jet Flies By


Having your commune with nature disturbed by a jet engine breaking a sound barrier ain't half bad.


Oh, Great, The Navy’s Building A Robot Shark Called The ‘GhostSwimmer’

By | 12 Comments

Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water to avoid robots, there are now robot sharks.


Watch The US Navy Use Its Fancy Laser To Blow Stuff Up

By | 14 Comments

The Navy has tested its Laser Weapons System by blowing the hell out of things. God bless America.

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The US Military Just Debuted EXACTO, Their Version Of The Blue Shell

By | 6 Comments

Ever wish the Blue Shell was real? Now it is, and vastly more terrifying, with EXACTO!

#Iron Man

The U.S. Military Is Determined To Make ‘Iron Man’ Really Happen

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Millions have already been spent developing armor for U.S. soldiers that would allow them to do everything but fly and afford the license on AC/DC songs.

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Oh, This Will End Well: The Government Is Developing Implants To Control Your Emotions

By | 22 Comments

DARPA wants to control your emotions, by cracking open your skull and filling it with electrodes. It can't possibly go wrong!


Important Government Research Project Develops Pizza That Stays Fresh For Three Years

By | 6 Comments

Military researchers have finally come up with the most-requested item for MREs: pepperoni pizza that won't go soggy.


People Are Accusing NORAD Of Using Santa To Recruit Children For The Military

By | 11 Comments

NORAD's 'Santa Tracker' is the target of criticism from people who think that the military is using Santa to recruit children.

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This Powerful Timelapse Transformation Of A Homeless Veteran Will Open Your Eyes And Touch Your Heart

By | 3 Comments

US Army veteran Jim Wolf agreed to undergo a makeover on camera. The result is extremely moving.


Soldier Shocks Family With Early Homecoming Scuba Surprise


Captain Hyrum Bronson returns home three weeks early from his deployment to Afghanistan and sneaks up on his family by scuba diving.


Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home


A compilation of fun and emotional clips of happy dogs welcoming their owners home from military duty.


Paratrooper Accidentally Deploys Parachute Inside Plane


An army paratrooper waiting to jump accidentally deploys his reserve parachute inside the plane, sending him sailing.


Surprise Homecomings of Military Dads Compilation


Some of the best clips of military dads coming home to surprise their kids, wrapped into one video.


Soldier Surprises Family at Hockey Game


Army SFC Phillip Gallardo surprises his family prior to the Cincinnati Cyclones game on March 9, 2013.


The Russian Army Seems To Like ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring a compilation of the Russian Army marching to the 'Spongebob Squarepants' theme, plus Spongebob and Patrick IRL.


The Norwegian Army Discovered The Harlem Shake, Everyone Else Best Step Up Their Game

By | 2 Comments

The Norwegian Army has discovered the Harlem Shake, and they've raised the bar for all future Harlem Shake videos.


Polish Military Drill Close Call


A military drill in Poland nearly turns fatal when a soldier inadvertently fires his gun, knocking the beret off the man in front of him.


SNL: Cool Drones (Cartoon)


Not sure where you stand on the controversial issue of drone strikes.


Surprise Military Homecoming at South Carolina Football Game


The Faile family was recognized on the field as this week's Military Family of the Game during South Carolina's win over Georgia.

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