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Jon Stewart Says Millennials Could Be Our Greatest Weapon Against ISIS

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Jon Stewart poses the question of whether or not the stereotypical laziness of millenials could be what takes down ISIS from the inside.


Watch Bill Maher Go Off On Youth Culture, Ageism, And Our Love Of The Booty On ‘Real Time’

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Bill Maher closed off the latest episode of 'Real Time' by complaining about ageism, youth culture, and big butt obsession.


NBC Is Developing Comedies Based On YOUR LIFE (Blogging And Bar Trivia)

By | 7 Comments

"It's just like our lives!" shouted garbage people like me.


ABC News And Univision Are Teaming Up To Launch Fusion, A Network Aimed At Millenials

By | 9 Comments

Today marks the official launch of Fusion, a new joint cable venture from ABC News and Univision aimed at "a multi-ethnic audience aged 18-34."

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