What Christina Ricci Taught Millennials About Sex

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The '90s were all about Ricci's appeal as a friend-who-is-a-girl. Then 'The Opposite of Sex' happened in 1998, and everything changed.


The 13 Most Infuriating Quotes From The New Yorker’s ‘King Of Click Bait’ Profile

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Asked what he does for a living, Emerson Spartz responded "I'm passionate about virality."


Megatron Has Had Enough Of These Disappointing Millennials And Their Damn Selfies

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The 'Transformers' villain Megatron has left evil behind to lecture people on the street about selfies.

vince mcmahon

Everything You Need To Know From The Austin/McMahon Podcast: CM Punk, Cesaro And Millennials

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's live podcast with Vince McMahon on the WWE Network had no shortage of interesting information.


Frotcast 217: Hey, What’s Up With Millennials? ‘Locke,’ Creed Impressions, And Ben

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Lots of Creed impressions on this week's Frotcast, plus we talk 'Locke,' and get angry about thinkpieces about millennials.


Comedian John Oliver Parodied Those Dumb GOP Millennial Ads Because Someone Had To


Few things are certain in life, but Republicans' continuing bumblef*ck in courting Millennial voters is one of them.

the 80s

Watch Kevin Bacon Lash Out At Millennials For Not Understanding The 80s

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Kevin Bacon takes time out of his day to explain the 80's to Millennials. All hail Bacon!


HLN (Formerly Headline News) Releases Literally The Worst Programming Slate In The History Of Television

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Headline News, relaunched as HLN, is now targeted at millennials, although HLN clearly does not think much of their intelligence.


This Is What 18-35 Year Old Millennials Are Searching For But Are Afraid To Ask

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You can tell a lot about people but what they search. What's ratchet, molly, or hummus? Millennials in 2013 are looking for all sorts of crazy things.

time magazine

The Best Parodies Of Time Magazine’s Highly Mockable ‘Me Me Me Generation’ Cover

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A collection of the best parodies of Time Magazine's unfortunate "Me Me Me Generation" cover.

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