Sports On TV: Boy Meets World's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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This week's Sports On TV covers another show people have been requesting since the column's inception: 'Boy Meets World,' the long-running TGIF staple that asked, "if Fred Savage can have a successful television show, shouldn't his little brother have one as well.


Sports On TV: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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On the last installment of Sports On TV, we tackled <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/08/sports-on-tv-the-wires-15-greatest-sports-moments#page/1" target="_blank">'The Wire'</a>, a romanticized look at inner-city life and law in Baltimore, Maryland.


Remember To Aim To The Left Of Hitler's Hole

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Last Saturday, <a href="http://www.grundyartgallery.com/">the Grundy Art Gallery</a> in Blackpool, Lancashire (United Kingdom) launched a new exhibit, <a href="http://www.grundyartgallery.com/programme/">“Doug Fishbone and Friends Adventureland Golf”</a>, featuring 9 holes of miniature golf designed by some of the UK’s greatest artists.


The Masters Putt Putt Course: Tiger Woods Used To Be Good At This, Too


I don't know, that shot to the twisty lighthouse looks fake.

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