Happy 34th Birthday To Minka Kelly, The Star Of Puddle Of Mudd’s ‘She Hates Me’ Video

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Before she was a star, Minka Kelly appeared in the video for Puddle of Mudd's rock anthem 'She Hates Me' and it was all uphill from there.


Just How Accurate Is SportsNation’s Derek Jeter Dating Diamond?

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SportsNation took a crack at assembling a baseball roster of Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriends, but they missed the mark on maximizing talents.

Minka Kelly Will Co-Star In J.J. Abrams’s New Show About Robot Cops Or Something

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Fox announced today that Minka Kelly will star in the new futuristic robot cop show that is being produced by J.J. Abrams.


Minka Kelly May Have An Underage Sex Tape, Used To Listen To Brandy

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Someone is shopping a potentially underage sex tape starring Minka Kelly, and the whole thing kind of hinges on a Brandy CD.


A Lesbian Kiss Goodbye for ‘Charlie’s Angels’

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"Charlie's Angels" has performed so poorly for ABC that the show has already gone for the 21st century version of jumping the shark: the lesbian kiss.

alex rodriguez

Meme Watch: Creepin’ A-Rod Is Watching You

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It’s hard to believe that anything is going to top my new favorite sports meme in the world, <a href="">Excited Soccer Kid</a>, but the above picture of Alex Rodriguez caught my eye and I could only think, “Oh this is begging for it.


Worth Doing.

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Before we get to a story about Minka Kelly getting sexually harassed on the set of "Charlie's Angels," keep in mind that this story comes from Radar via Star Magazine.


Many Television Stars Are Attractive

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You guys are never going to believe this, but a lot of people who appear on television for a living put on nice clothes to go to the Emmys last night.


Derek Jeter Is Back, Baby!

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New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter might have to change his name to Mr.


Behind Every Man: A Retrospective Of Derek Jeter’s 3,000 Hits, Women

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My friend barely turned his head in my direction when he muttered, “I know you’re a Cardinals fan, but I thought that maybe you could at least appreciate Jeter’s accomplishment.


Here’s ABC’s Schedule for 2011-12

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Like <a href="">Fox and NBC yesterday</a>, ABC unveiled its new fall schedule this morning, revealing a total of 13 new shows (seven in the fall, six more at midseason).


Jimmy Kimmel & Famous Beautiful Actresses Star in Unfunny Video

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I don't know who, exactly, would sit through three-plus hours of the Oscars, then watch the local news, THEN stay tuned for a late-night show on a Sunday night, but anyone who did was treated to a star-studded episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Minka Kelly, Hot Blonde Cast as Final Two Charlie’s Angels

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Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor are in negotiations to play the other two Angels in the ABC remake of "Charlie's Angels," joining the <a href="" target="_self">previously cast Annie Ilonzeh</a>.

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The Roommate Has A Sexy Trailer

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A few weeks back I accidentally used a picture of Minka Kelly when referring to Leighton Meester and my excuse was “Whatever bro, I’ve nailed them both.


Minka Kelly Looks All Right, I Guess

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Minka Kelly of "Friday Night Lights" did a photo shoot for the new issue of GQ, and whaddaya know, the woman deemed the <a href="" target="_self">Sexiest Woman Alive</a> by Esquire three months ago is still somewhat attractive.

friday night lights

Minka Kelly's Mom Was a Stripper

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Esquire has named Minka Kelly of "Friday Night Lights" the Sexiest Woman in the World, which basically means she was the first starlet who was available for the interview and photo shoot.


Derek Jeter Is A Gentleman

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Here's Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter opening the door for his girlfriend, Minka Kelly.



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It’s pilot season right now, which means that much of the news coming out of Hollywood is about new shows you won’t see until the fall starring people you may or may not remember from other shows.

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