Russell Westbrook Brings The Wrath Of Achilles On This Steal And Breakaway Dunk

Even if the Thunder win tonight, they still might get knocked out the playoffs. That isn't stopping Russell Westbrook from running amok.

#LeBron James

Kendrick Perkins Says LeBron James, Kevin Garnett Are ‘On Same Level’ As Teammates


LeBron James and Kevin Garnett are heated on-court rivals. The pair have met in five of the past seven postseasons, and hardly hid a mutual distaste for one another from the public eye in the process.

Andew Wiggins

Dunk Of The Year? Andrew Wiggins Baptizes Omer Asik

This could end up being the dunk of Andrew Wiggins' star career.


Report: Kevin Garnett Likely To Return For Record-Tying 21st Season


Kevin Garnett might very well buy the Minnesota Timberwolves some day, but it won't happen anytime soon – he's not quite done playing for them.


Andrew Wiggins Destroyed The Lakers With This Dunk, But The Timberwolves Still Lost

Watch Andrew Wiggins dunk on the Lakers' Ryan Kelly and Jordan Clarkson


Nicolas Batum Is Now ‘Happy’ The Blazers Matched The Timberwolves’ Offer For Him

The Portland Trail Blazers and Nicolas Batum are one, big happy family, but that wasn't always the case.


Flip Saunders Apparently Doesn’t Want Andrew Wiggins Shooting Threes


Most of the NBA has come around to the fact that three pointers are a crucial part of today's game, yet some still cling to outdated notions


The Minnesota Timberwolves Got Their Own ‘Mario Kart 64′ Mashup Called ‘Rubio Kart’


During a timeout at Monday's game against the Jazz, Wolves' mascot Crunch debuted a Mario Kart mash-up video featuring Ricky Rubio and more.

rudy gobert

Rudy Gobert Asked Sportscenter To Mention His Block Of Andrew Wiggins, But We Can Do Even Better

No worries Rudy, we're gonna show the dunk one more time and another great defensive play and assist.


Andrew Wiggins Soars Past Rudy Gobert For And-1 Slam

There was a time this season when Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Andrew Wiggins wasn't dunking as often as expected. Plays like this make it seem long, long ago.

Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine Goes Backdoor For Double-Pump Hammer Dunk

The Minnesota Timberwolves are playing without Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, Nikola Pekovic, and Kevin Garnett (among others) today versus the New Orleans Pelicans. Other than Andrew Wiggins, Flip Saunders' depleted team has no player capable of creating his own shot. The 'Wolves need to manufacture buckets against New Orleans, a feat easier said than done for a team so low on experience.


Andrew Wiggins Powers Right Through Josh Smith For Two-Handed Smash

Andrew Wiggins is one of the best athletes in the NBA. He runs like a deer, slides like a bug, and jumps like a kangaroo. But though the Minnesota Timberwolves rookie has accumulated a wealth of highlights during his standout debut campaign, he hadn't yet put a big-name player on a poster...until Friday night.

Houston Rockets

Josh Smith Finds Dwight Howard For Alley-Oop – On Two Straight Possessions

Fool the Minnesota Timberwolves once, shame on Josh Smith and Dwight Howard. Fool the young 'Wolves twice? It's probably fair to blame their absolutely porous defense.


The Timberwolves Signed A Player Because He Was Closer Than Anybody Else

The Minnesota Timberwolves singed the nearest player available to meet a league mandate

Zach LaVine

Bounce Brothers: Zach LaVine Cocks Back For Big Alley-Oop From Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine will play winning basketball one day. For now, the Minnesota Timberwolves will have to settle for growing pains mixed with highlights like these.


This Sequence Pretty Much Sums Up The Knicks And Timberwolves Seasons

It hasn't been the best season for the Knicks or Timberwolves, and this sequence is living proof.


Russell Westbrook Definitely, Definitely Threw Himself A Lob Off The Backboard Tonight

We wouldn't get give most players benefit of the doubt here. It's not an uncommon occurrence for a ballhandler to try a wild attempt with the shot clock winding down, of course. But Russell Westbrook? The "freakiest of freaks?"


Teen Sends Letters To NBA Teams Asking Why He Should Be A Fan; Only Timberwolves Respond

Some 16 year-olds chase dates. Others play sports, love video games, or read books. The ones we like most, though, spend their free time scribing letters – with awesome original illustrations! – to all 30 NBA teams asking why they deserve his fandom. Only one replied...

#Chris Paul

Ricky Rubio Reaches, Chris Paul Teaches

Ricky Rubio is a very good defender with quick feet and active hands, but that doesn't mean he's any match for Chris Paul. "You reach, I teach," the reigning Point God says.

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