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Chris Colabello Hit A 2-Run Bomb While His Mom Was Being Interviewed In The Stands


Twins first baseman Chris Colabello gave his mom the ultimate birthday present, as he smashed a homer while she was talking to a reporter.


The Minnesota Twins Played A Delightfully Mean Prank On Mike Pelfrey


Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire played a little NCAA Tournament prank on his pitcher and Wichita State alum Mike Pelfrey.


This Week's Most Exciting Baseball Moment Happened In A Bear's Mouth


T.C. Bear, giant bear mascot of the Minnesota Twins, made a great catch in the stands during Spring Training. Also, Aroldis Chapman might be dead.


Pour One Out For Kirby Puckett And Watch The Metrodome Take Its Final Breath

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Say goodbye to Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, which was deflated for the last time over the weekend. A new stadium will be built on its grounds.


Ham And Squints From ‘The Sandlot’ Reunited At A Twins Game Last Month?

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I really don’t know how stories of this magnitude can just slip through the cracks sometimes, but it happens and even the all-knowing Internet is incapable of being perfect.


Oakland A's Turn a Triple Play


Josh Donaldson hauls in a chopper, steps on third and fires to second base, where Adam Rosales hangs tough to turn a triple play.


Minnesota Twins Bat Boy #cantgetit

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Yesterday we shared with you a clip of <a href="" target="_blank">Philadelphia Phillies ballgirl Genevieve Haney snagging a foul ball</a> and paired it with a dozen or so Instagram photos of her sunbathing or hanging out with the Phillie Phanatic.


Twins Fan Shaves Joe Mauer Jersey into Back


Sports jerseys are so expensive these days.


This Is Why You Don't Wear Red Sox Gear Or Walk Into Face Kicks At Yankee Stadium

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I'd like to preface this story by saying I'm a diehard Cleveland Indians fan.


The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Minnesota Twins

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In "piece of information included in passing that we're contractually obligated to cover" news: [Minnesota Twins star Justin] Morneau has been taking infield before every game, and said he also expects to be play some first base before that series in Milwaukee.


One Of These Guys Sounds Excited About Seeing You Tonight

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Game 7 of the World Series goes down tonight, and I think I'd be a bad sports blogger if I didn't tell you to put aside whatever reservations you have about watching boring-old baseball and watch it.


Hey Guys: Jim Thome Could Return To Tribe

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In news that could make me the happiest blogger who also runs a Jim Thome-themed baseball webcomic on the entire Internet, Minnesota Twins designated hitter <a href="">Jim Thome was claimed on waivers</a> by the Cleveland Indians.


The Dugout: Thome At 600

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<a href="">Jim Thome hit his 600th home run</a>.


Jim Thome Joins MLB’s 600 Home Run Club

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<a href="">Jim Thome</a>, the hay-baling Illinois farm boy with a knack for making opposing pitchers look incompetent, crossed the 600 home run mark last night by hitting two opposite field shots to reach the milestone.


Congratulations, Jim Thome, Don't Get Anybody Pregnant

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Jim Thome’s back was aching, his toe was throbbing and his quad was cramping, turning his pursuit of 600 home runs into a painful endeavor that made him wonder if he would even reach the milestone before season’s end.


Morning Links: Thome Time

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Three really cool things about this year's AL Central: 1.


Harmon Killebrew, Justin Morneau Enter Hospice Care

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Baseball Hall of Famer and Minnesota Twins legend Harmon Killebrew said on Friday that he's ending his battle with esophageal cancer, and plans live out the final days of his life in hospice care.


Francisco Liriano Blacks Out On The White Sox, Throws No-Hitter

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<a href=""> Picking up where the MLB pitcher magic of 2010 left off, Francisco Liriano single-handedly (and armed) shut down the Chicago White Sox. 123 pitches, two strike-outs and one close call later, Liriano has the first no-hitter of 2011 in the name of Minnesota. He survived a rocky ninth inning that began when Brent Morel grounded to shortstop and Matt Tolbert made a one-hop throw that first baseman Justin Morneau scooped. Juan Pierre walked and Alexei Ramirez popped to shortstop. ''I can't explain it. I feel so nervous and so happy right now,'' Liriano said. ''I can't explain my feeling right now.'' [Fox Sports] After ninety-five starts, Lirano never went the distance for an entire game. His first opportunity to close and he shuts it down...down...down with the power of the shoulder. Let the floodgates for the Cy Young hopefuls open and rain down with vengeance. No home plate will be safe until October. <a href="">Liriano Throws No-Hitter Vs. White Sox [Fox Sports]</a>.

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