Adrian Peterson Wins His Appeal Against The NFL

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The running back won his case against the NFL and is now free to return to the field. But will it be with the Vikings?


Report: Adrian Peterson’s Agent Says The RB Is Done In Minnesota During Heated Argument With Vikings VP

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If Adrian Peterson's increasingly fragile relationship with the Minnesota Vikings wasn't already irreparably fractured, it most certainly is now. According to a report, the former All-Pro running back's agent and a team official engaged in a heated verbal argument at the NFL combine during which the former claimed his client won't ever play for Minnesota again.


Suspended NFL Superstar Adrian Peterson Is Hinting That He May Retire And Pursue His Olympic Dreams

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His appeal for reinstatement rejected, suspended NFL star Adrian Peterson is throwing around the words "retirement" and "Olympics".


Mike Ditka Weighs In On Adrian Peterson’s Suspension And He’s Not Happy

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You'll be surprised to learn that Mike Ditka had some strong opinions on the Adrian Peterson suspension. I know, I'm just as shocked as you.


Adrian Peterson Has Been Suspended Without Pay For ‘At Least’ The Rest Of 2014

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You likely won't see Adrian Peterson for the rest of the NFL season and perhaps beyond.


Did Adrian Peterson Use His Charity To Fund A Wild Orgy With Four Women?

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Let thee who hasn't used a charity's credit card to fund a wild sex-a-thon cast the first used condom


The Truth Behind The ‘Hulk Hogan 1985 Wrestlemania Suplex’ Drew Brees Took On Sunday

By | 24 Comments

Captain Munnerlyn suplexed Drew Brees during a game. Here's Brees' pro wrestling analysis.

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Jon Stewart On The NFL: They ‘Don’t Know What The F*ck They’re Doing’

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Watch Jon Stewart blast the NFL for its mishandling of its domestic abuse epidemic on The Daily Show.


Keith Olbermann Doesn’t Have To Strain Much Pointing Out How The Vikings Mishandled Adrian Peterson

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Keith Olbermann doesn't have to destroy, annihilate, or eviscerate the NFL. They've already done enough themselves.


Nike Has Suspended Its Endorsement Contract With Adrian Peterson

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Nike says it's done with Adrian Peterson after the child abuse charges.


The Vikings Have Forced Adrian Peterson To Stay Away From The Team Until His Legal Problems Are Resolved

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The Minnesota Vikings have essentially suspended running back Adrian Peterson until his legal issues are resolved.


The Governor Of Minnesota Wants The Vikings To Suspend Adrian Peterson

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And now Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has weigh-in on the Adrian Peterson mess.


Adrian Peterson Will Play On Sunday According To The Vikings

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The Vikings released a statement this afternoon about Adrian Peterson. They took a strong, strong stance.


The Minnesota Vikings Are Selling This Awesome 40 Percent Bacon, 60 Percent Ground Beef Burger

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Who's in the mood for a heart attack today because the Vikings want to see you die.


The World’s Most Clueless Fan Brought A ‘Switch’ To A Vikings Tailgate

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Attention everyone, we stopped taking nominations for world's stupidest fan this afternoon. This guy won the gold medal.


Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Has Been Indicted For Child Abuse

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Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Texas for child abuse. It's not been a great week for the NFL.


Pour One Out For Kirby Puckett And Watch The Metrodome Take Its Final Breath

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Say goodbye to Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, which was deflated for the last time over the weekend. A new stadium will be built on its grounds.

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