Metrodome, Vikings Still In Bad Shape

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The Metrodome is still falling apart and we're powerless to stop it.


The ‘Obvious’ Fix For The Metrodome

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If you haven't seen <a href="">the Metrodome roof buckling under the weight of a foot and a half of snow</a>, you certainly haven't realized that the Minnesota Vikings' next home game is just five nights from now, when they will host the Chicago Bears.


Where Were YOU When Brett Favre Last Sat Out?

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We <a href="">mentioned in the link dump</a> that Brett Favre was scratched from the Minnesota Vikings' active roster last night, thus ending the NFL's longest streak of consecutive regular season games played at 297.




The Morning Meat is a collection of awesome links from around the internet.


Videos Of Metrodome Roof Collapsing

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Perhaps the biggest news from the NFL's games in Week came from the one that wasn't played.


How Is This Not Blackmail?

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Sports Tramp (tm) Jenn Sterger issued a bizarre statement through her press people earlier this week, basically promising to sue Brett Favre if.


Heartbroken: 10 Great Sports Stories That Could Have Been

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<a href="">Graphics by <a href="">Anthoniaa</a> Remember when Boise St.


Class Dismissed: Brad Childress Fired

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After watching his team <a href="">collapse</a> against division rival Green Bay at home yesterday, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress <a href="">has been dismissed</a> from that position according to FOX Sports' NFL Insider and MMA Trainer To The Stars Jay Glazer.


Randy Moss Missed History By That Much…

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Just had an odd realization: If <a href="">Randy Moss</a> would have <a href="">gone to Miami</a> over waivers last week, as so many had expected, he could have been the first player in NFL history to play 17 games in a regular season.


Sterger Talks To The NFL

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Jennifer Sterger (right) finally met with the National Football League to discuss their investigation of Brett Favre's alleged delivery of penis photos and horn-dog messages to her cell phone.


NFL ‘Star’ Gets Dry-Humped In Elevator

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Hank Baskett, to many of us, is rightfully known as "That guy that fumbled that onside kick in the Super Bowl last year," also goes by the name of "That guy that married Kendra Wilkinson.


Blackface On ESPN: We’ve Seen It All Now

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I have to tip the proverbial hat to <a href="">NGNG Sports</a> for this screencap of DJ Steve Porter--auteur of the Randy Moss "One Clap" mashup of the volatile wideout's press conferences.


Randy Wears Out His Welcome In Purple & Gold

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<a href=""> When you bite the hand that feeds you--or in this case adopts you--repercussions come in flurries and they come swiftly. Just ask Rick Sanchez. In this week's episode of The Randy Moss Fiascos: The Paperback Edition, the Minnesota Vikings have decided to not say that they've waived #84 but that he's no longer with the team, via a statement from <a href="">the team's website</a>.


Randy Moss Complained About Food He Didn’t Pay For

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To follow-up on <a href="">yesterday's post of Randy Moss' dismissal</a> from the Minnesota Vikings: yes, Moss was cut, and no, not everyone on the team is that bent out of shape about it.


Let’s Watch Brett Favre Bleed [VIDEO]

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Much of the American sporting public enjoyed the exit of one Brett Lorenzo Favre from Sunday's game against the Patriots.


Childress Leaning Towards Ending The Streak

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<a href="">ESPN is reporting</a> Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is leaning towards starting Tavaris Jackson on Sunday against the Patriots, thus ending Brett Favre's streak of 291 consecutive games played.


Favre Threw Inappropriate Interceptions (But Says He Didn’t Send Pics)

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Vikings quarterback and former Green Bay Packer Brett Favre went back to Green Bay for Week 7's Sunday night game, but the usual Favre-ian heroics were nowhere to be found.


Deanna Favre Has Gotta Have Faith

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Deanna Favre, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback and amateur photographer Brett Favre, went on Good Morning America yesterday to discuss a book she just wrote with pastor Shane Stanford, entitled “The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back.


Favre’s Jeans Ads Pulled Off NFL Air

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Minnesota Vikings quarterback and new Deadspin reader Brett Favre has been de-pantsed by the NFL.

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