nicole curtis

Today’s Unlikely Feud: HGTV’s Nicole Curtis And #PointerGate Mayor Betsy Hodges

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After a very old house was demolished in Minneapolis, 'Rehab Addict' host Nicole Curtis is trading Facebook shots with Mayor Betsy Hodges.


Watch This Disgruntled McDonald’s Employee Go Nuts And Destroy Everything In Sight

By | 16 Comments

Not for the faint of heart; this McDonald's employee loses his sh*t and destroys everything in sight.

Washington Redskins

Thousands Of Activists Protested The ‘Redskins’ Football Name During Game In Minnesota

By | 24 Comments

The #NotYourMascot movement in Minnesota came out to the Redskins/Vikings game to protest the continued use of the offensive name.


Someone Got Punched In The Penis During A Football Game


This is what it looks like when someone gets punched in the penis during a football game.

3D printing

Look At This Castle Built With A Freaking 3D Printer


It took him less than four months and it's pretty as a picture.


You Can Buy Brock Lesnar’s Minnesota Home For Only 800 Grand

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Want to own the home of the man who conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania? It can be yours for only $799,000.

steve perry

Steve Perry Randomly Joined Eels On Stage For His First Performance Since 1995

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Eels fans got an incredible surprise last night in Minnesota when Steve Perry joined the band for three songs during the second encore.


Right In The Feels: A Grieving Mom Receives Heartbreakingly Beautiful Gift

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A grieving mother in Minnesota was surprised with a beautiful gift from a kind stranger. Hug your mom today, you guys.


Be Jealous Of This Minnesota Family And Their Homemade Luge Track


Homemade luge track? Homemade luge track. Be jealous of this Minnesota family's wonderful, better-than-Sochi recreation of Olympic luge.


Pour One Out For Kirby Puckett And Watch The Metrodome Take Its Final Breath

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Say goodbye to Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, which was deflated for the last time over the weekend. A new stadium will be built on its grounds.


This Eighth-Grader Will Sink Game-Winning Full Court Shots Whenever He Damn Well Pleases

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8th-grader Easton Gamoke of Minnesota drained a game-winning full court shot, then did it again to prove it wasn't a fluke.


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Go Drinking When It’s Negative-17 Degrees Outside

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A college student got drunk, passed out on her porch, and might lose her limbs. NOPE.


‘Horny InfoWarrior’ Is The Man That Single Women In Minnesota Have Been Waiting For

By | 12 Comments

Well, I don’t normally like to hand out the annual awards until December rolls around, but I think it’s safe to say that, unless anyone in Florida objects, we have found our Craigslist Ad of the Year.


Here’s An Amazing Shootout Goal From A 9-Year Old

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By way of @frostml and our friends at Bob's Blitz comes this clip of 9-year old Iowan Carter Frost scoring a Minnesota AAA hockey shootout goal like a boss.


Guy Finds Action Comics #1, The Most Valuable Comic Ever, Hidden Inside The Walls Of His House

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A guy in Minnesota bought a house for $10,100 and found a copy of Action Comics #1 (the most valuable comic ever) in the wall. Then it got weird.

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