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Politician’s Mom Makes Him Apologize To Neil Gaiman

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Guess which one is the politician and which one actually creates things of value.


Joe Mauer is Looking California and Feeling Minnesota

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At the risk of ruining a perfectly cromulent <a href="">Dugout</a>, I wanted to share the latest commercial from Explore Minnesota, a group hoping to embiggen the state's tourism.


Observatory Turned Into R2-D2


Pranksters at Carleton College in Minnesota turned their Goodsell Observatory into a giant R2-D2 (more pics and a video below).

Daily Mail (UK)

Worst Death Ever: Car Crash With A Flatbed Trailer Hauling 17,000,000 Bees

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In today's OMFG THAT'S THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY TO EVER DIE EVER FOREVER EVER news, a four-vehicle crash leaves two dead after they collide with a flatbed lorry carrying Bed Bath & Beyond pillows Mickey Mouse gloves angel wings 17,000,000 bees.

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