Oprah Goat Is My Spirit Animal

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This video has apparently been online for a year, but I just saw it for the first time on FilmDrunk this morning, and it absolutely made my day.


Breaking News: Look at This Dog!

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This isn't TV-related, but I don't care.

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Corgi + Wii = Broken TV

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Quick programming note: I had dinner and drinks with a Marine friend in Manhattan last night, then I had an epic two-hour public transportation clusterf*ck getting home in a snowstorm, so I've got a combination hangover/lack of sleep thing going on.


Video: Greek Bulldozer Stripping

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It's been a while since we've featured wanton gratuitous women in lingerie, so here's a clip from Greek TV in which a bulldozer removes a woman's clothing (below).


Helpful Anal Massage Tips from a Guy with a Mustache

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This isn't exactly TV-related, but it absolutely must be shared.


Nightmare Fuel: Mr. Blow Up

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I'm all about equality here at Warming Glow, which is why I try to treat everyone with the same amount of disdain, whether they be fatties, uggos, foreigners, furries, or "Oprah" fans.


Epic Pissed Off Irishman

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This may not be an actual TV clip, but this interview with an Irishman who works in finance was one of the highlights of my weekend (in fairness, my weekend was not that exciting).


Bud Bundy Explains Norwegian ‘Let It Be’ Video

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Former "Married With Children" actor David Faustino was one of a litany of minor celebrities and cultural footnotes from the '80s and early '90s featured in the delightfully bizarre version of "Let It Be" that cropped up on the Intarwebs late last week.


What in God’s Name Is Happening Here?

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This video is presently blowing up on Tumblr and every other blog that's remotely like this one (the difference: fewer cats), and while the premise is simple enough -- fading stars from the '80s and '90s lip sync to "Let It Be" -- the execution is a six-minute ride to Wondertown.


Happy Holidays from the RockCats

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We tend to drift away from strict television news on Fridays (settle down, the Corgis will be here later), so this seems like a good time to share this video of the RockCats playing "Jingle Bells.


Shih Tzu With Shoes: Shoe Tzu!

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Because everyone in the TV industry is a no-good layabout with no work ethic, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of television news today.

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He-Man Is A Man. A Man-y Man Man.

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Ladies and nerds, this video is awesome.


Craigslist TV is the Craigslist of TV

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"Craigslist TV" is a bit of a misnomer, as the video series is only online, but I'm nonetheless fascinated that someone decided to film the offbeat pragmatism of Craigslist.


That Did Not Take Long

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Matt posted the original video of the "Backin' up backin' up" lady on Thursday, and by late Friday afternoon the geniuses behind "Auto-Tune the News" had already gussied the clip up.


Oh Yeah, Back It Up, Honey

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Technically, this is a Web video and not a TV clip -- it's from KMBC.

white people

What in God’s Name…?

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Oh man, do white people suck.

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Stand by…

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Okay, I'm trying to sober up and bring my heartbeat down to something manageable in the wake of this.


Greatest. Weather Man. Ever.

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Everyone, try to remain calm.

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