MIT’s Robot Cheetah Can Now Dodge Obstacles When It Runs You Down


MIT has just upgraded its robot cheetah to dodge obstacles, making catching you and mauling you that much easier.


MIT Admissions Office Imagines What It’d Be Like To Send Acceptance Letters Via Drone

Drones fly across the United States and the world in this promotional video from the MIT Admissions Office.


Meet The Former MIT Professor That Allegedly Robbed A Manhattan Bank For ‘Art’


A former MIT professor and "visual artist," has been charged with robbery after allegedly stealing $1,000 from a New York bank "for art."

roller coasters

Watch As Students At MIT Test Their Handmade Roller Coaster

Engineering students built a campus amusement ride for incoming freshmen.


Going To MIT This Fall? You’re Getting $100 In Bitcoin!


MIT freshmen will be getting $100 in cash when they arrive. The twist? It's in Bitcoin.


MIT Is Building A ‘GIF Translator’ Called GIFGIF


Ever wondered what a GIF really mean? That's what GIFGIF is here to tell you.


New Vest Will Give You A Hug Every Time Somebody Likes Your Status

You know, in case you don't have a smart phone and don't mind looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


Graphene Just Made Water Desalination A Hundred Times Easier


You may have noticed we're fans of graphene around here, and now we have another reason to love graphene: it may revolutionize water desalination.


Science Finally Shuts Up Idiotic Email Forwards

We've all got somebody in our lives who will forward you something, anything, no matter how stupid it is.


Harvard & MIT To Put Classes Online For Free

Have you always wanted to go to Harvard or MIT but were too dumb or too poor -- or both -- to get in.


No Way He Did This Without Tearing Every Muscle In His Body

Yep, that's Frank Thomas shooting the puck at a Chicago Blackhawks game and not immediately collapsing in agony.

#video games

Tetris Now Available to Play on a Building Near You!


Tetris is playable on pretty much everything -- consoles, computers, handhelds, phones, watches, calculators -- and now you can add MIT's iconic Green Building to its list of supported platforms.


Introducing Tacocopter: The Meanest Prank The Internet Could Ever Play


Over the past few days, the Internet has been going nuts over Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Mad Men The Hunger Games iPad 3 defects porn a new fast food start-up in San Francisco that would combine technological progress and the most important food of the past 1,000 years – tacos.


Camera That Records One Trillion Frames Per Second Captures Light In Motion


Ramesh Raskar, Andreas Velten, and Moungi Bawendi at MIT have built a new imaging system that can capture videos at one trillion frames per second, meaning it can produce a slow-motion video of light in motion.

stupid robot tricks

MIT Builds a Cookiebot?

I live near MIT, I used to work near MIT's campus, and aside from the museum of hideous architecture that is Vassar Street, it looks like a normal college campus.


Bee Venom The New Weapon Against Terrorism?

No, DARPA has not trained swarms of bees to attack on command.


Apple Made More Money Than Microsoft?

For the first time in 20 years, Microsoft reported a smaller profit than Apple last quarter.

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