Stream Them if You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Jan 28th

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What Netflix movie should you watch tonight? Find out, with "Stream Them If You've Got Them," a feature about our latest picks in streaming.

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Mitt Romney Attempting To Dance ‘Gangnam Style’? Mitt Romney Attempting To Dance ‘Gangnam Style’.

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Here is Mitt Romney doing a little jig. And they say that white people can't dance!

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Watch Mitt Romney Dance Gangnam Style & Become Even Whiter Right Before Your Eyes


This past weekend, Mitt Romney spoke at a conference for young, single Mormons.


Jay Leno And Mitt Romney Went For A Nice, Romantic Drive Together

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Watch Mitt Romney chat with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."

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Mitt Romney Had “No Desire” To Be President, Says Tagg Romney

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Seeing as how today is a very, very important NFL Sunday for some of us, I'll just leave this here.

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Mitt Romney Gave Manny Pacquiao A Prefight Pep Talk The Other Night

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Let Manny Pacquiao be a lesson to all you boxers out there: this is what happens when Mitt Romney gives you a pep talk. Consider yourself warned.

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THE HORROR: Disheveled Mitt Romney Photographed Pumping His Own Gas

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Mitt Romney has apparently hit rock bottom: HE'S PUMPING HIS OWN GAS! And looking disheveled while doing so, no less!


Mitt Romney saw Twilight with his wife

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Mitt Romney's 51 - 48 loss in last week's election could have been even worse if the American people had known that the guy constantly chiding Obama for looking weak was the same guy letting his wife drag him to a screening of Twilight over the weekend, where these blurry pictures were taken.

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11.13 The Cooler

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Michelle Game Swizz Beatz Hit With $2.


Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo Guy Is Still Totally Cool Will His Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo

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Of all the people who lost big last Tuesday night, the Romney campaign face tattoo guy may have lost the most.


11.12 The Cooler

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SNL: Mitt Romney Drowns His Sorrows


After losing the presidential election, Mitt Romney gets some fresh air on his balcony.

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How The Secret Service Broke It Off With Mitt Romney

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I think the only thing shut down faster following Romney's loss were his staffers' campaign credit cards.


Kids Do The News: 2012 Presidential Election


Children perform the entire 2012 campaign in two and a half minutes.

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Mitt Romney’s Concession Call to Barack Obama


After the votes were tallied, Mitt Romney (Jimmy Fallon) called President Obama (Dion Flynn) to congratulate him and make amends.


Thank God That’s Over: The Best GIFs And Images From Election Night

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The funniest, most clever GIFs and pictures that were made on Election Night, when Barack Obama became the 45th President of the United States of America.


Mitt Romney’s Concession Song


After calling President Obama to congratulate him on his victory in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney comforts his supporters in song.


Hear Obama, Romney Speeches In Less Than Six Minutes

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The long political season was grueling and decisive.


Stefon Visits Romney Headquarters, Friendship Bracelets, Death Metal Pugs, And Links

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Today's links, featuring interspecies friendship bracelets, Stefon at the Romney election headquarters, and pugs singing death metal.

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