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‘The Chase Is On’ Is The St. Louis Cardinals Playoff Song No One Asked For

By | 5 Comments

"The Chase is On" is either an ironic viral mockery of the pious St. Louis Cardinals fans or just an awful fan tribute song.


With Leather’s Watch This: ‘Sign Vince Young’ Should Put Texans Fans On Suicide Watch

By | 7 Comments

A fan's plea to the Houston Texans to sign Vince Young of course comes in delightful song form.


Bryan Cranston Looked A Little Tense At The Dodgers/Cardinals Game Last Night

By | 9 Comments

Bryan Cranston is apparently a Dodgers fan. Walter White, meanwhile, remains a Phillies fan.

#Justin Bieber

Erin Andrews Almost Called Justin Verlander ‘Justin Bieber,’ Got Butthurt About It

By | 26 Comments

Sideline reporter Erin Andrews almost called Justin Verlander 'Justin Bieber,' then got mad at anybody who noticed.


With Leather’s Watch This: Here’s A Song To Motivate Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig

By | 2 Comments

The Dodgers have their backs against the wall in Game 3 of the NLCS, so here's a tribute song to inspire Yasiel Puig.


Shocking, Unbelievable Report: A D*ckhead Went To Game 2 Of The ALCS

By | 12 Comments

After he grabbed a home run ball away from a woman and threw it on the field, a Red Sox fan was removed from Game 2 of the ALCS for unruly behavior.


Here’s A Red Sox Fan Stealing A Home Run Ball From A Woman And Throwing It Back, In Case You Didn’t Hate Them Already

By | 2 Comments

An a-hole Boston Red Sox fan pried an ALCS home run ball away from a woman and threw it back, because Red Sox fans are the worst.


With Leather’s Watch This: Michael Wacha Offered His Best Fozzy Bear Impression

By | 3 Comments

If there are two things that I love more than anything else in this world, it’s the Muppets and dominating St.


These Giant Kate Upton Heads Were Supposed To Mess With Justin Verlander

By | 9 Comments

Some Oakland Athletics fans used giant Kate Upton head cutouts to heckle Justin Verlander, but it did not work at all.


With Leather’s Watch This: Stop What You’re Doing, Con Bro Chill’s New Album Is Out!


Party rock star and lacrosse player Con Bro Chill released his new EP, "We Came to Party," today and it's not bad.


The Boston Red Sox Shotgunned Some Beers After Winning Last Night

By | 6 Comments

The Boston Red Sox players shotgunned some beers after winning the ALDS last night. Well, some of them did.


With Leather’s Watch This: In Russia, Models Eat Chinese Food While Wakeboarding

By | 3 Comments

Would you like to see an attractive Russian woman eating Chinese food while wakeboarding? Of course you would.


Juan Uribe’s Gnarly Homerun Clinches NLDS For The Dodgers

By | 3 Comments

Big hitter Juan Uribe doesn't disappoint and knocks a massive two-run homer to seal key game 4 against the Braves, advancing the Dodgers to the NLCS.


With Leather's Watch This: The Monster Mutt Rottweiler Truck Is The Most Adorable Truck Ever


The Monster Mutt Rottweiler truck features big floppy ears and is super awesome.

You're Fired

The Long, Painful Suffering Of Reds Fans Is Finally Over… Dusty Baker Has Been Fired

By | 5 Comments

Reds fans rejoice, the Cincinnati Reds have fired Dusty Baker, even after they said they wouldn't.


10 Things Not To Do If The St. Louis Cardinals Win Their Playoff Game Today

By | 7 Comments

Here is some advice for St. Louis Cardinals fans in case their team beats the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game of the NLDS today.


10 Things Not To Do If The Cleveland Indians Win A Playoff Game Tonight

By | 15 Comments

The Cleveland Indians are in position to win a playoff game tonight for the first time since 2007. Here are 10 things you shouldn't do if that happens.


Damn It, Kate Upton Is Making Us Cheer For The Atlanta Braves Now

By | 13 Comments

Kate Upton joins Atlanta Braves stars Justin and BJ Upton on the cover of the newest issue of Sports Illustrated.


Dallas Latos Claims She Had A Bad Night At The National League Wild Card Game

By | 7 Comments

As the Reds were losing to the Pirates, Dallas Latos claimed that a female Pirates fan attacked her and punched her three times while the cops ignored her.

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