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The Top 37 Point Guards In Fantasy Basketball

While all of America is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime believe that it's never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation.


The Top 5 NBA Revenge Games Of 2012-13 So Far

We learned a few things while we all enjoyed ESPN and ABC's quintuple header on Christmas with friends and family: the Lakers are back, the Clippers are legit, Houston seems to have found its legs, Oklahoma City still needs to figure out Miami, and LeBron James is unquestionably the league's most dominant player right now.


The Clippers Raze Phoenix And The Streak Goes On; Dirk Nowitzki Is Back For Dallas

On one hand, you have Sunday being defined by a Seahawks team coming out of relative nowhere to crush the 49ers and become the NFL's hottest team.


Kevin Durant Explodes In OKC; The Best Team You Don’t Know About Beats Miami

Having Kevin Durant on your team is probably good for about 10 extra wins a year strictly based on his talent and his competitive streak.

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5 Early Season NBA Statistical Anomalies That Won’t Last

The NBA season is just warming up, and like everything from Kobe's shooting percentages to Marcin Gortat leading the league in blocks, there are bound to be some statistical anomalies occuring out of sheer luck.

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James Harden Goes Berserk in Houston Debut; Lakers fall to 0-2

As far as scintillating debuts go, James Harden's first game with the Rockets fell somewhere between Cam Newton in Carolina and The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.


Report: Randy Foye Signs With The Utah Jazz

Randy Foye, the last serious three-point threat left on the free agent market, has reportedly agreed to a one-year contract with the Utah Jazz.


Lamar Odom’s Going Back To Los Angeles!


Lamar Odom's will be ballin' in L.

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Report: The Clippers Want Lamar Odom

The Dallas chapter of Lamar Odom's NBA career is mercifully coming to an end soon.


Report: The Clippers Are Confident They’ll Keep Blake Griffin & Chris Paul

Every team believes they have unfinished business when they go down in a playoff sweep.

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Video: Chris Paul, Mo Williams In A Floater Death Match

Chris Paul, Mo Williams and the Los Angeles Clippers (don't call them "Lob City" around Paul) are the second postseason victim at the surgically precise hands of the San Antonio Spurs.


LeBron Closes Out The Knicks; The Clippers Get Destroyed

Say what you want about Carmelo Anthony, but at least he competed.


Alley-Oop Death Match: Which Clipper Connection Was Better?

Amid all the flopping and jawing and Chris Paul-saving the Clippers endured Monday night in their Game 4 win over Memphis, two dunks by two different Clips from two different teammates brought all 20,000-plus in Staples Center to their feet in a full-on "Lob City" moment.

Tyrus Thomas

Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 3.16

Beast of the Night: John Wall finished with 26 points, four rebounds, 12 assists, three steals and a block last night.


The Lakers Finally Get What They Need; Kyrie Irving Is Clutch

In the midst of all their trade rumors, Pau Gasol and the Lakers delivered a W.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 3.2


Beast of the Night: LeBron James posted a sick line to the tune of 38 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, five steals, one block and two three-pointers.


LeBron Hands Portland A Gift; Steve Nash Destroys Ricky Rubio


Some teams get rusty with a seven-day delay like Miami was coming off of.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 2.21


Beast of the Night: Kevin Durant was big again Monday night, finishing with 31 points, eight rebounds, four assists, two steals, one block and three three-pointers.


Buy Low, Sell High: Fantasy Basketball Week 7


Buy Low: Derrick Rose has produced just 10 points, five rebounds, six assists and one steal in his last two games.


Chauncey Billups May Be Out For The Season


The Clippers won the game last night against Orlando in overtime, but they may have suffered a devastating loss in the processs.

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