Prodigy – “When U Up”

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Now that the decent Black Cocaine EP got its 15 minutes of burn, it's on to the next one for Prodigy, as he gets ready to release H.


Mobb Deep – “Dead Man’s Shoes” Video

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Good lord Mobb Deep's "Dead Man's Shoes" is gruesome, probably unnecessarily so.


Mobb Deep Feat. Nas – “Get It Forever”

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Of course <a href="">Mobb Deep's</a> mini golden run couldn't last forever.


Mobb Deep – “Conquer”

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Certain songs are named based on the content.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Mobb Deep’s “Still Shinin'”

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"Some sheisty New York n*ggas, thirsty for chedda You shinin', you get your jewels taken with your Hil' sweater Keepin this rap fans like crack fiends Until we re-up, and put more Infamous up on the rap scene" What Dipset is to Tins, <a href="">Mobb</a> is to Raj.

Twlight: Breaking Dawn

10.28 The Cooler

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Natasha Mays Why Coldplay and Adele Aren't Bringing New Albums to Spotify [Mashable] Worst California Biker Feud In A Decade Erupted At Starbucks [Reuters] Mobb Deep Up For Jay-Z Collabo, Despite Past Beef [MTV] Abstract Costume Corner [Adult Swim] First "Twilight Breaking Dawn" Clip, with [...].


Mobb Deep Feat. Bounty Killer – “Dead Man’s Shoes”

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<a href="">Mobb Deep's</a> hiatus-ending EP, Black Cocaine, will be on the e-streets in about a month now, and appropriately they just dropped the first official single "Dead Man's Shoes" featuring reggae artist <a href="">Bounty Killer</a>.


Mobb Deep – “Street Lights” (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

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The infamous duo’s been busy the last few months, especially Prodigy with his solo mixtape and slew of features.


Mobb Deep Feat. Aaron LaCrate – “Illson 2012″


Milkcrate founder and NYC renaissance man <a href="">Aaron LaCrate</a> grabs <a href="">Mobb Deep</a>, the creators of dunn language, to make the track "Illson 2012.


Mobb Deep Talks New Sony/RED Record Deal

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<a href="">P and Hav</a> are finally out of the blasted G-Unit deal.


Prodigy & Boogz Boogetz – “It’s A Body” Video

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How many years has it been since anybody heard Prodigy spit a verse and had anybody cringing and say “Damn, P killed it.


Crew Love: The August Edition

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With another month in the books, we open our playlists to share the songs that provided the fuel for August.


L.E.P. Bogus Boys Feat. Mobb Deep – “Gangstaz Only”

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Crime gets organized as <a href="">Count & Moonie</a> snag <a href="">Prodigy & Hav</a> for a feature appearance on "Gangstaz Only," which is set to appear on L.


The Next 48 Hours With Mobb Deep’s Prodigy

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All the BS aside, <a href="">Prodigy</a> is one of my favorites and Mobb Deep is, in my ears, the greatest duo to grace the Hip-Hop stage.


Coming Attractions: Prodigy & Lance Mountain For Supreme

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<a href="">Supreme</a> will release four new t-shirt designs this week including two designed by skater/artist Lance Mountain and one of their classic photo op shirts featuring Mobb member Prodigy.


Prodigy: “We’re Gonna Do A Mobb Deep And Nas Album”

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<a href=""> <a href="">HHDX:</a> "When asked what fans can expect from Mobb Deep's renewed relationship with Nas, following their <a href="">"Dog Shit"</a> release, Havoc said that fans can expect, "an album from it.


Prodigy – “Up North Service”

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<a href=""> Not too far removed from the bus returning him to the free world, Prodigy uses <a href="">Twitter</a> to uncuff a track full of thug love bars over Frank Ocean's "Novacane.

The 30 Day Song Challenge

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 13 – A Song That’s A Guilty Pleasure

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I’ll always have a soft spot for <a href="">Prodigy</a> (||).

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Feat. Mobb Deep – “Body Bag” Video


<a href=""> Tony Yayo links up with Mobb Deep to deliver a few gully quotables on "Body Bag." These are simple visuals for no-frills rap, just three professionals stepping to the microphone to spit. Yayo, while still far from an incredible emcee, is enjoyable here and Havoc comes strong as well. But it's Prodigy, coming through with the anchor verse, who steals the track. The man's come out of prison sharp - see his verses on <a href="">"Black Devil,"</a> from his recently released Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP and Curren$y's <a href="">"The Type"</a> for evidence of that - and his effort here continues that trend.

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