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Of Course RoboCop Is Getting A Free-To-Play Mobile Game

By | 2 Comments

RoboCop is the future of law enforcement, and, apparently, of free-to-play mobile games.


You Will Soon No Longer Have To Pay To Use Spotify On Your Phone

By | 10 Comments

Spotify decides it's time to free mobile from its subscription shackles.


Ads Are Coming To Your GMail App, Sadly

By | 2 Comments

With 4.6, the GMail app will begin seeing ads. Also, Reader is still dead.


‘PlayStation All-Stars Island’ Is Not A Joke. We Think.

By | 6 Comments

'PlayStation All Stars Island' crams hardcore game characters into a game that consists of everything hardcore gamers profess to loathe.


Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Service Provider-Subsidized Phone

By | 10 Comments

Your subsidized phone is a dinosaur; here's why it's time to chuck it in the tar pit.


Why Dish Network Is Looking To Buy Sprint And/Or T-Mobile


Dish Network wants to buy a cellular company, and it's not picky which. But why is it so desperate to get into mobile phones?


Shaquille O'Neal Might Finally Have Some Video Game Redemption

By | 3 Comments

'ShaqDown' is full of bad puns and cheesy plotlines. But is it better than 'Shaq Fu'?


Enhanced Voice Search on the Google Search App


In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS and Android, not only can you say your question out loud, but your search app can speak your answer right back to you.

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