The Dancing Man Who Was Body Shamed Might Also Get Pharrell And Moby To DJ His Party


The Dancing Man who thousands came to support after he was body shamed online for dancing might get a few special guests at his party.

#Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Stars In A Bizarre Video With Moby And The Flaming Lips, Who Have Lost Their Damn Minds


Wayne Coyne has A) Lost his mind, is B) Screwing with us, is C) Desperate for attention, or D) All of the above.

Tony Hawk

Who Is The Diabolical Villain Behind These New Hoverboard Videos From HUVr?


A company named HUVr claims to be bringing us the hoverboard technology in 2014, but there's no way this is real.


Moby Is Letting Filmmakers Use His Music For Free

Well this is nice: Moby is offering his music catalog "anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video or short."

#Weird Al Yankovic

Watch Marc Maron, Weird Al Yankovic, Aimee Mann, Moby, & Duff McKagan Audition For The Postal Service


Did you know that before Ben Gibbard got the gig as Postal Service frontman that a host of other "talent" to try out for the role? Betcha didn't!


Allow Moby To Take You On An Architectural Tour Of LA

It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that noted rawdog enthusiast Moby is now an LA guy.


Moby Gets Electrocuted On Stage & Collapses. Nobody Cares.


At a recent performance, musician Moby suffered a mild electric shock and collapsed.

sex tapes

Moby Doesn’t Want To Watch Moby Having Sex Either

Back when I lived on Manhattan's Lower East Side, techno music person/DJ Moby lived and operated a vegan restaurant/tea house right around the corner from me, so I used to see him bumping around the neighborhood all the time.

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