Eric Stonestreet Recounts The Time He Sent Jesse Tyler Ferguson A Raunchy Sex Toy In The Mail


Eric Stonestreet is still tormenting his good friend Jesse Tyler Ferguson at any given opportunity.

#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

What’s On Tonight: ‘It’s Always Sunny,’ ‘Workaholics,’ And ‘Broad City’ Are All Back

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'Broad City', 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia', and 'Workaholics' return to bring sunshine and laughter back into our grey lives.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Empire’ Rises And The ABC Comedies Return

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'Empire' premieres on FOX, 'Modern Family' and the rest of ABC's comedies return from hiatus, and 'The People's Choice Awards'


What’s On Tonight: ‘South Park’ Takes On Bill Cosby For The Holidays

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'South Park' weighs in on Bill Cosby, Ra's Al Ghul delivers a threat on 'Arrow', and the twins are found on 'American Horror Story'


Sofia Vergara On Joe Manganiello’s ‘Magic Mike’ Injuries: ‘It’s Dangerous To Be A Stripper’


On last night's 'Conan' Sofia Vergara discussed her boyfriend Joe Manganiello's stripper moves from 'Magic Mike.'


What’s On Tonight: Barry And Ollie Battle Boomerang As The ‘Arrow’/’Flash’ Crossover Concludes

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The Flash and Arrow go against Boomerang on 'Arrow', 'South Park' goes after tweet-culture, and the Rockefeller tree gets lit.


A Visual History Of Nolan Gould’s Hover Hands Around His ‘Modern Family’ Sisters

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Nolan Gould may play an idiot on TV, but he's smart enough in real life to not be a creepy around his "Modern Family" sisters.


The Behind-The-Scenes ‘Divorce’ That Changed ‘Modern Family’ Forever And Drives Its Dueling Personalities

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A falling out behind the scenes of TV's second most successful sitcom has lead to a different, less creatively successful 'Modern Family.'


Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Eric Stonestreet From ‘Modern Family’ Have The Most Delightful Twitter Fights


Eric Stonestreet provoked an adorable Twitter fight after pulling a prank on Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


ABC Just Canceled ‘Modern Family': How Eric Stonestreet Trolled His Twitter Followers

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If "Modern Family" were to actually be canceled, what would win Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys?

jesse tyler ferguson

‘Modern Family’ Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Coming Out Happened When He Got Caught Stealing Gay Porn

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There are probably worse coming out stories out there, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson's really takes the cake.


Sofia Vergara Has Real-Life Hatred For The Dog That Plays Stella On ‘Modern Family’

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Sofia Vergara tells Andy Cohen that she's not the biggest fan of her television husband's pet dog.


‘Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Filed A Restraining Order Against Her Allegedly Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

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After he threatened to kill her, "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Matt Prokop.


Where On Earth (And Beyond) Will ‘Modern Family’ Take Its Characters This Season?

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Season 6 of the Emmy Darling 'Modern Family' debuts next week, and we can be sure that the Pritchetts are in for wild adventures.

spin offs

Dear TV Executives, Please Don’t Ever Make Spin-Offs About These Characters

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All this talk about a Bud Bundy TV show has us terrified that other TV characters could end up getting their own ill-advised spin-offs.

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