What’s On Tonight: Will Sofia Give Birth To A Child Brave Enough To Kill Manny?

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Lots of season premieres, the finale of 'Top Chef Masters,' and the rest of tonight's television highlights.


Ed O’Neill Talks MMA, Can Probably Kick Your Ass

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'Modern Family's' Ed O'Neill, aka Al Bundy, talks MMA, and shows that he could still kick your butt.


To The Surprise Of No One, Nikki Finke Wrote The Worst Thing About The Emmys

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In her Emmys live blog, Deadline awful person Nikki Finke claimed that "beautiful actresses are not funny" because she's an awful person.


Al Bundy Was Brock Lesnar To The Gracie Kids

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'Modern Family' star Ed O'Neill ("star" meaning "one of the 34 people from the show nominated for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series at Sunday's Primetime Emmy Awards) is a <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/06/al-bundy-shoe-salesman-jiu-jitsu-master" target="_blank">22-year veteran of Brazilian jiu-jitsu</a>.


The 21 Best And Blurst Moments Of The 2012 Emmys

By | 70 Comments

A recap of the 2012 Emmys, highlighting the best and worst moments from the awards ceremony.

workout videos

The Sofia Vergara Workout Video Is Bouncy And Beautiful

By | 13 Comments

The video of a pre-"Modern Family" Sofia Vergara working out in a blue bikini is a thing of beauty.

the new normal

Utah NBC Affiliate Won't Carry 'The New Normal,' Thinks Being Gay Is 'Rude'

By | 17 Comments

A Utah NBC affiliate won't carry Ryan Murphy's 'The New Normal,' because they find that the gay content is excessively rude.

#Mad Men

Rob Huebel Auditioned For The Role Of Don Draper, And Is Great At Naming Boats


Rob Huebel talked about auditioning for the role of Don Draper and buying a boat named "Pussyhound," and it was delightful.


‘Modern Family’ Kids Want More Money; Manny Still the Worst

By | 23 Comments

Three days after the adult cast of "Modern Family" settle their contract disputes, the children are now lining up for their raises.


‘Modern Family’-Gate: Day I Don’t Know, Like, Three?

By | 11 Comments

In which we examine the 'Modern Family' contract negotiations within the structure of a 'Modern Family' episode. Or, in short, it was probably all Claire's idea.


‘Modern Family’ Cast Is Not Very Happy, Suing People

By | 12 Comments

Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Sofia Vergara are suing 20th Television for violating California's "7 Year Rule."


Sofia Vergara Is The Top-Earning TV Star In The World, Sort Of

By | 8 Comments

Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian were the top-earning television actresses of 2012. Hmm, I wonder why...


What's On Tonight: Basically, The End of the Network Television Season

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American Idol (FOX) -- This is the worst week of the television season because most of the good network television shows have already stopped airing to make way for the reality show finales.


What Are the 10 Most Popular Legally Downloaded TV Series?

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We already know that <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2012/05/a-lot-of-people-are-illegally-downloading-game-of-thrones">"Game of Thrones" is the most illegally downloaded</a> show of 2012, while "Dexter" was the most illegally downloaded show of last year, but what about legal downloads.


What's On Tonight: Paget Brewster Will Seductively Whisper Goodbye to 'Criminal Minds'

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Criminal Minds (CBS) -- I'm happy that Paget Brewster is leaving "Criminal Minds" because I like Paget Brewser, and I don't like "Criminal Minds.


ABC's New Fall Schedule: 'Happy Endings' Moves to Time-Slot Death

By | 18 Comments

ABC will be returning next year with a whopping 10 new series.


'Happy Endings' and 'Parks and Rec' Haven't Been Renewed Yet. But Other Shows Were

By | 31 Comments

Here's a brief rundown of what we know so far about the shows that are coming back next season.


What's On Tonight: Alison Brie Will Tell You Stories About Being Nude

By | 22 Comments

Modern Family (ABC) -- In this week's installment of "Manny is the Worst," the gang packs up and heads to Disneyland for what I'm sure will be 22-minutes of shameless product placement.


What's On Tonight: You Can Never Have Enough Beek

By | 9 Comments

Betty White's Off Their Rocker (NBC) -- If you're tuning into NBC tonight to watch "Best Friends Forever," don't bother.


What's On Tonight: Urkel Hosts the World's Dumbest Game Show

By | 10 Comments

Best Friends Forever (NBC) -- The third of six episodes of this sitcom that will be canceled by the end of May.

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