A Centuries-Old Mummy Was Just Discovered Inside This Buddha Statue


A CT scan revealed the remains of Buddhist master Liuquan, who died around 1100 AD. Sounds like *someone* took "rest in peace" literally.

United Airlines

United Airlines Customer Service Is So Bad, They Managed To Piss Off A Monk

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A ticket mix-up and subsequent unhelpful customer service made one monk pretty darn mad at United Airlines.


Watch ‘Buddhist Monks’ Breakdance To The Beastie Boys’ ‘Ch-Check It Out’ For MCA Day

By | 7 Comments

A group dressed as 'Buddhist Monks' and performed a breakdancing routine to the Beastie Boys' 'Check it Out' as a tribute on MCA Day.


Tony Jaa quitting acting to become a monk

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All this time, I thought the stories of magic, of faceless henchmen and symbolic elephants in Tony Jaa movies were the just wacky tenets of Thai action films.

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