With Leather's Watch This: The Monster Mutt Rottweiler Truck Is The Most Adorable Truck Ever


The Monster Mutt Rottweiler truck features big floppy ears and is super awesome.


Sgt. Slaughter Plays Bud Guitar, Defeats Monster Truck, Is 1980s Awesome

By | 12 Comments

Every now and then a pro wrestling-related clip nobody should've seen pops up on the Internet and decides to go viral.


Cancel Baseball: We Have Monster Trucks Doing Backflips

By | 8 Comments

It's usually bad form to start the day with a video, but this is too good to wait.


Here’s A Fun Monster Truck Explosion

By | 3 Comments

I don't really have much information behind this video other than it's a monster truck and it explodes, but for the sake of entertainment I'll assume this took place in Kentucky every day for the last 20 years.

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