Flaky Guillermo Del Toro Says He’s Making An HBO Show, But Del Toro SAYS A Lot Of Things

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Guillermo del Toro says he's making an HBO series based on Japanese manga. Will it be another in a long line of abandoned projects?


Catch You On The Flipside: Stunt Driver Makes The First Successful Car Backflip


Guerlain Chicherit performed the first successful 360-degree backflip in a car. Well, the first intentional car backflip anyway.


Beats By Dre, Monster Headphones Break Up

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Douchebags that wear headphones around their necks to be cool are in a panic today as it was revealed that Monster will <a href="">no longer be making Beats By Dre</a> headphones.


$1,000 For Chrome Beats By Dre Headphones?

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I'm well aware there are diehard audiophiles out there but exactly who pays <a href="!5794310/beats-by-dr-dre-get-a-chrome-paintjob-and-1000-price-tag">a stack</a> for headphones.


Why Can’t You Find A F-ing Job?

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It’s pretty tough out there in the real world.


An Open Letter to Adrien Brody – What Happened to You, Man?

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Adrien Brody - actor, movie star, possible monster rapist.


M.O.P – “Monster”

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Fizzy Womack must have been a bulldozer in his previous life.

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