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Who’s Better: Jamal Crawford Or Monta Ellis?


Jamal Crawford and Monta Ellis are two of the most exciting and explosive offensive players in the league, two microwaves that can heat up in a matter of seconds.


Who’s In? Who’s Out? Breaking Down The Western Conference Playoff Race

The NBA's Western Conference is stacked with teams that have a chance to make a deep playoff run, but only one team can represent the West in the NBA Finals.


3 Underrated NBA Tattoo Origin Stories

To celebrate the New Season of Ink Master, premiering Tuesday February 25 at 10/9c on Spike, the show is sponsoring "Tattoo Bracket 2014.


The 10 Best NBA Players Who May Never Be All-Stars


Before the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend, we knew which studs would be playing, but that was never the fun part.


The 15 Best Second Options In The NBA


If there's one thing to be learned about the NBA, it's that a championship can't be won on the back of one player.


The NBA’s 10 Streakiest Shooters


While the sports world is paying more and more attention to statistics and analysis of those stats, the concept of streaky shooting is being brought to the forefront for basketball fans to breakdown.


Video: Stephen Curry Drains The Game-Winner To Beat Dallas

The Warriors have been involved in some of the most exciting games so far this year, but the Oracle Arena crowd probably wishes the Dubs didn't cut things quite as close as they did Wednesday night when Dallas came to town and held a lead for most of the game.


The 15 Biggest Surprises Of The NBA Season So Far

With the 2013-14 regular season reaching the conclusion of its first quarter, it's time to look at some of the more surprising developments after the first 20-odd games.


The Top 50 Fantasy Basketball Players Right Now

Player values are officially set in stone now, so it's time to update the Top 50.


Damian Lillard’s Clutch 3-Pointer Before Monta Ellis’ Game-Winner

Saturday night featured a huge matchup for the Western Conference leading Portland Trail Blazers.


Monta-Ellis-In-Dallas Experiment Is Working Just Fine, Nails Game Winner Vs. Blazers


Is anyone aware of the season Monta Ellis is having in Dallas? They should be.

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The NBA’s 10 Best Backcourts

Injuries and underwhelming play have completely changed the dynamics of this list.


Watch “All You Need Is Love” Dallas Mavericks Parody

The Dallas Mavericks really know how to sell their team.

Rick Carlisle

Why The Monta Ellis Dirk Nowtizki P&R Works So Well For Dallas

There have been a lot of surprises so far this season even though we're still in the first month.


NBA’s 20 Most Underpaid Players

The term underpaid isn't the perfect adjective to describe athletes who make a pretty penny when compared to the common person.


Watch Shawn Marion Miss The Easy Breakaway Dunk

The Mavericks stomped all over the Lakers tonight for a 124-103 victory that's sure to send shivers of doubt down the back of Lakers fans.


5 Overreactions You Should Avoid After The NBA’s First Week

The NBA made its glorious return this past week, and this season looks like it will be a special one.

Ty Lawson

Who’s Better: Monta Ellis Or Ty Lawson?

Two of the fastest little men in the game, Monta Ellis and Ty Lawson at once seem so different and yet so similar.

Wayne Ellington

5 Reasons To Watch The 2013-14 Dallas Mavericks

With the start of the 2013-14 NBA season rapidly approaching, we thought it only fair to share what makes each team so exciting.

Ty Lawson

Who Should You Draft In Fantasy: Ty Lawson Or Monta Ellis?

Hopefully, you're ready with cheat sheets, rankings and tips for your annual fantasy basketball draft party.

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