Morena Baccarin Will Be Ryan Reynolds’ Love Interest In ‘Deadpool’

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Morena Baccarin will play the lead in 'Deadpool' and fall for the Merc with a hideously-scarred mouth.


‘Gotham’ Hires A Gorram Geisha For A Major Role

By | 15 Comments

It looks like Inara got her medical degree, as Morena Baccarin joins 'Gotham' in an important role.


‘Son Of Batman’ Will Help Us Forget The ‘Batman vs Superman’ Delays

By | 8 Comments

Batman's son Damian was introduced in 2006's 'All-Star Superman' by Grant Morrison, and now the character is being resurrected in 'Son Of Batman'.


Inara Will Be Nick Fury’s “Assistant”?


There are several actresses up for an unspecified role in "The Avengers", which we're all pretending isn't Maria Hill for some reason, even though it totally is.

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