Pug Selfie!!! :P + The Morning Links


Via <a href="http://vichious.tumblr.com/post/69446050059/selfie">Vichious</a>.


Morning Links: Zach Randolph Gave A Disabled Fan The Shirt Off His Back

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Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph said hi to a disabled fan at ringside and (literally) gave him the shirt off of his back.


VINE TIME: TGIF Time to Hit Up the Club Like a Boss


From expert Viner <a href="https://twitter.com/conner_omalley" target="_blank">Conner O'Malley</a>, whose style is best described as Roaring at Douchebags.


Microsoft’s Magic Science Bra Will Keep You Hott

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Noted poon tycoons Microsoft Researchers have discovered the perfect way to keep women thin AND maybe get to second base in the name of DEUS TECHNOLOGAE: the Stop Eating, Fatty bra.


VIDEO: Just Another Parkour Dog Doing Barkour

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Remember parkour dog? Well, here's ANOTHER parkour dog. You can never have too many dogs that do parkour, we always say.


Hippie Vegan Bros Love Produce, Positivity, and You

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Chef Seth and Pa-Chow are here to tell you about the latest produce, including blueberries, which are daaaank.


Morning Links: The Best Iron Bowl Fan Reactions Are Either Hilarious Or Soul-Crushing

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The Best Auburn vs. Alabama Iron Bowl reactions are priceless. Or, uh, horrible depending on who you are.


This Vengeful Cheese Panda Proves Arabs Do Have a Sense of Humor

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AWESOME FOREIGN COMMERCIAL WATCH: This vengeful Arab panda will ruin your day if you talk mess on his cheese.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Magneto Killed JFK with the Magic Bullet in the Latest X-Men Viral

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The latest "viral" marketing video for X-Men: Days of Future Past uses the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination to wet your beak with Magneto's wacky antics.


SUPERCUT: ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists.’


Here's a supercut from <a href="http://slacktory.com/2013/11/supercut-we-dont-negotiate-with-terrorists/" target="_blank">Slacktory</a> of people in movies repeating that old chestnut "we don't negotiate with terrorists," which has never actually been true.


Morning Links: CrossFit People Are Still Hurting Themselves

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Watch a woman piledrive herself into a gym floor with a bunch of weights, because CrossFit fails are still the deadliest kinds of fails.


WATCH: ‘Supervan’ Proves That All It Takes to Rule the World is a Really Sweet Van

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"3 Minute Supervan" really has everything you want in a video - vans, a supervan, a guy whose dad tells him he's never going to amount to anything on account of his dumb van, and then that guy proving his dad wrong by having the greatest van in the world that becomes the envy of all other vanners at the vanning convention.


Sarah Silverman Explains the Difference Between Divas and C-nts

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From the consistently satisfying Jash network comes Sarah Silverman's ode to the difference between divas and c*nts.


Your Favorite Songs, Now With More Air Horn

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Ylvis: Air Horn Classics, the latest from the "What Does the Fox Say" guys, inserts air horns into all your favorite songs. And the results toot for themselves.


The Perversion of Flowers + Morning Links


What sets Marlo Meekins apart from other Viners is that she's good at Vine.


Morning Links: Andre Drummond And Brandon Jennings Alley-Ooped Off The Backboard, Got Called Globetrotters


Detroit Pistons stars Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond teamed up for a sick off-the-glass alley-oop. The Washington Generals need to watch their asses.


Jaden Smith knows how to cure hunger, and a fan responds.

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Our least favorite philosopher-poet, Jaden Smith, drops some deep knowledge bombs, and gets the most appropriate response.


Honest Trailer: Man of Steel + Morning Links

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Here's the Honest Trailer for Man of Steel, via <a href="http://www.screenjunkies.com/video/honest-trailers-man-of-steel/" target="_blank">Screenjunkies</a>.

viral video

WATCH: Freak child can talk backwards like an Ozzy song

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WATCH: This 10-year-old can talk backwards perfectly, pronouncing any phrase backwards with ease and proving it on his iPad. Hopefully he only uses this power for good, and Slayer songs.

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