Morrissey Was Really Happy To Hear That A Bullfighter In Mexico Was Gored By A Bull

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80's icon Morrissey is not known for shying away from controversial subjects, and this time he has some things to say about a recent bullfight and how it all played out.


Did Morrissey Storm Off Stage Because A Fan Mocked His Battle With Cancer?

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It's fine to make fun of Morrissey, but keep it above the belt, guys.


Morrissey Is Selling A Shirt That Reads ‘Be Kind To Animals Or I’ll Kill You’

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Ever the subtle one, Morrissey is selling a very loud shirt with a very loud opinion.

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Pamela Anderson And Morrissey Make Asexual Love In His New Music Video


Morrissey and Pam Anderson are the least likely of friends.


John Oliver’s Morissey Impersonation Is Something To Behold

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Who knew John Oliver's super power is the ability to channel Morrissey at the drop of a hat?


Surprise! It’s Not Morrissey Behind The Morrissey Twitter Account

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Morrissey wants you to know that he isn't on Twitter or Facebook. His tweets are not his own.

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This Charming Interactive Timeline Documents The History Of The Smiths


Follow the history of the Smiths, from when Morrissey was a charming man to when Morrissey became a raging jerk.


Morrissey Sees No Difference Between Eating Animals And Paedophilia

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According to Morrissey, eating an animal is just as bad as having sex with a child. What...?


Morrissey Brought His Genuine Brand Of Joy To Thanksgiving

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The outspoken singer set his sights on Thanksgiving and President Obama in the most Morrissey of fashions. It seems that meat is still murder, who knew?

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Who Said It: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow Or Morrissey?

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It's a fun, mopey guessing game. Who said: Jon Snow on "Game of Thrones" or Morrissey?


The New Wave Super Friends Would Save Us, But That Would Be Selling Out To The Man

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Billy the Butcher created "The Post-Punk / New Wave Super Friends" to re-cast seven '80s music icons as comic book superheroes.


Morrissey: Still A Dick

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FYI, Morrissey is still out there, being a dick. His latest targets: Beyonce and Paul McCartney.

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Morrissey Cancelled On Kimmel Because He Didn’t Want To Share The Stage With The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guys

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Morrissey was supposed to perform on Kimmel last night. But he cancelled to protest the "animal serial killers" from Duck Dynasty.

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Morrissey On His Health Scare: ‘Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Understated’


After receiving medical attention for a concussion, bleeding ulcer, and Barrett's esophagus, Morrissey released a statement on a fan site.

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The Smiths Are Not Getting Back Together, Say The Smiths


Lately there have been rumors floating around on the ole world wide web that The Smiths -- most recently seen being mashed up with Super Mario Brothers and Lana Del Rey -- would be reuniting and going on tour.

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