This Motorcycle Racer’s Bruised Butt Is A Purple Nightmare

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This superbike racers bruised butt is a NSFW reminder of the dangers that can occur when you risk your tush for extreme sports.

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Check Out This Motorcycle Love Connection Get Ruined By A Clueless Guy On A Scooter

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This possible love connection gets ruined by a man on a red scooter. At least he got to show off his nice watch.

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Are This Man’s High-Speed Motorbike Yoga Poses Impressive Or Just Dangerous?

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Gugulotu Lachiram is an "extreme yoga" proponent who prefers to do his poses on speeding motorbikes while wearing zero protective gear.


Watch This Crazy Motorcycle Gang Reinforce The Stereotype That All Bikers Are Dicks

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This biker gang evaded the cops and acted like complete asshats on the streets of Los Angeles while doing so.

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This Vigilante Busting Litterers On Her Motorcycle Is Our New Hero

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This woman throwing trash back at people who litter is pure catharsis.

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Motorcycle Fails Set To The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Theme Will Complete Your Friday


This mashup of motorcycle fails set to the 'Sons of Anarchy' theme song will make your day a little brighter.

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The Most Florida Woman Ever Was Arrested For Masturbating On A Motorcycle

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Let's celebrate 'Sons of Anarchy' day with the most disgusting thing to ever happen on a motorcycle!


Here’s A Friendly Reminder To Never Wear A Skirt When Riding On The Back Of A Motorcycle

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If this lady has any clue that her entire ass is completely exposed, I'm guessing at this point she doesn't care.

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Watch This Insane Footage Of A Motorcycle Accident Caught With A GoPro

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This poor guy's motorcycle gets thrown in the air like it's a toy, with him on it. No thank you!

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Road-Raging Motorcyclist Kicks Moving Car, Instantly Receives A Hearty Dose Of Karma

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The laws of physics still apply, no matter how hard you're road raging.

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A Jerk Motorcyclist Gets What He Deserves When He Confronts A Reporter

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The real-life Perd Hapley caught a motorcycle man doing something bad. Then things get good.


A Dad Let His 6-Year Old Son Take The Handles On His Harley On An Open Road

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This video of a 'cool' dad letting his 6-year old son take the handles on his Harley-Davidson is sure to spark some heated debate.

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The Motorcycle Rope Swing Is The Pinnacle Of Human Innovation

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This clip has "America, F*CK YEAH!" written all over it.


This Dog Driving His Owner Around On A Motorcycle Is Just Another Reminder That Dogs Are The Best

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Watch a dog deftly maneuver a motorcycle as his owner calmly sits behind him.


Check Out The ‘Cowasaki’ Motorcycle A Florida Man Manufactured Using Nothing But Animal Bones

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Reese Moore creates motorcycles from the bones of cows, alligators, goats, wolves, raccoons, turtles, and pigs.

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The Pope Is Selling His Harley-Davidson… Wait, What?


The Harley-Davidson gifted to the Pope last year will be auctioned off next month to benefit a charity for the homeless in Rome.


The World’s Tallest Motorcycle


The tallest rideable motorcycle in the world is so big you barely notice the person controlling it.


Biker Tries To Evade The Wrong Police Car


In this riveting dashboard camera footage of a high-speed chase in the Czech Republic, a biker tries to outmaneuver a police car, only to have the officer put on a masterclass in weaving through traffic.


Sexy Motorcycle Wash Fail


A young lady's attempt to seductively wash a motorcycle doesn't go very well for her -- or the bike.


Ridiculous Motorcycle Burnout Fail


This was a terrible idea from the beginning.

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