This Is What The McCallister House In ‘Home Alone’ Looks Like Now

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Ever wonder what your favorite movie homes look like years after production wraps? Here's what the 'Home Alone' house looks like now!

#The Interview

‘The Interview’ Movie Posters Are Selling For A Pretty Penny On eBay

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While people might never get to watch 'The Interview,' that's not stopping them from paying hundreds of dollars for its movie poster.


Check Out WWE Ref Charles Robinson’s Impressive Horror Collection

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The referee they call "Little Naitch" has an entire room full of horror movie memorabilia, and it probably puts your collection to shame.


One Of The Hoverboards From ‘Back To The Future II’ Is Going Up For Auction

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Later this year, a movie theater in London will be auctioning an actual Hoverboard used by Michael J. Fox in 'Back to the Future II.'


You Can Now Purchase The Actual Bike From ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’ On eBay

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One of the bikes used in filming 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' is being auctioned on eBay for a lot less than what Pee Wee valued it at.

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Robert Downey owns a 6-foot flying Iron Man (with video)

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Just in case earning $50 million for The Avengers wasn't reward enough, Robert Downey Jr.


Got $995? You can own John Candy’s bookshelf from Delirious.

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John Candy was taken from us far too early, in 1994, and while we'll never know to what great heights his talent would've eventually carried him, we can buy a small piece of his legacy in the form of this butt ugly bookshelf on craigslist in Santa Monica.


Now you can own the penis sculpture from A Clockwork Orange

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Before there was Maude Lebowski and her vaginal art, there was A Clockwork Orange and penis-art-as-murder-weapon (think of the symbolism, bro).


Someone paid $3175 for Jennifer Lawrence's sweaty sports bra

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According to Reuters, clothes worn by Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook fetched almost $12,000 at auction, including $3,175 for the teal sports bra you see above.


"Sexy Vampire Menstrual Pad"

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I saw this on Tumblr over the weekend and thought it deserved a post, for obvious reasons.

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