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The Re-Imagined Movie Poster Art Of Sean Hartter

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Back in January, my Uproxxian brother from another set of parents, <a href="!/KDMaske">Maske</a>, brought us <a href="">the incredible re-imagined movie poster art of designer Peter Stults</a>, which included <a href="">a version of The Big Lebowski</a> that makes me want to invent a Hot Tub Time Machine to travel back in time to produce.


Move Over Pete Hammond & The ExPandables 2 – Morning Links

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FilmDrunk's first qoute on a DVD/Blu-ray jacket.


'The Avengers' Poster Greatly Improved By Casting Nicolas Cage In Every Superhero Role

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After finding myself delighted by this over the weekend I clicked on <a href="" target="_blank">our Nicolas Cage tag</a> and was appalled to find we haven't written about the internet's #1 muse in over a month.


10 Fantastically Rudimentary 8-Bit Movie Posters


Move over <a href="" target="_blank">minimal movie posters</a>.


Mmm…‘Reservoir Donuts' And Assorted 'Simpsons' Movie Poster Parodies


<a href="" target="_blank">DeviantArtist Claudia R</a> is one the site's resident "Simpsonizers" -- she specializes in recreating movie posters with Simpsons characters, as well as some fetish-y style work that has me wondering whether Claudia is responsible for some of those naughty animated porn site ads with a surprisingly high click through rate that I, um, read about in an article.

jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd Star In Fake Movie Posters For Movies That Should Be Real

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On Friday <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Rudd dropped by Late Night</a> to presumably talk new movies and <a href="" target="_blank">his daughter's pride in his penis size</a>, but instead <a href="" target="_blank">the most likable guy in Hollywood</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">the increasingly appreciated host</a> spent almost the whole time discussing fake movies for films they pretended to have made together over the last year, complete with awesomely shopped posters.


Internet Memes Get The Minimal Movie Poster Treatment


It was only a matter of time I guess.


Internet 101: Seven Movies Recast With Cats


The one thing that will always play on the internet without fail is cats.


Tracy Jordan Movie Posters, Because I Think ‘Hard To Watch’ Just Got Nominated


Earlier this month muy impressive internet person, <a href="" target="_blank">Alex Leo</a>, made a comprehensive list of fictional Tracy Jordan movie posters after finding herself underwhelmed <a href="" target="_blank">by NBC's slideshow</a>.


Modern Classics Get Recast With Vintage Casts And Posters

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<a href="" target="_blank">Illustrator/Designer Peter Stults</a> was forwarded <a href="" target="_blank">an Alternate Universe Movie Posters project</a> years back by a friend.

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The Haim Game Is The Corey Haim Tribute The Internet Needs Right Now


I can only assume the new Haim-centric Tumblr, <a href="" target="_blank">The Haim Game</a>, is the result of drug use, Coreys marathons, and a love of half-assed punnery, but it's here and real and paying tribute (.


The 20 Finest Fake Criterions For Really Sh*tty Movies

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Uber popular <a href="" target="_blank">single serving blog Fake Criterions</a> just celebrated one year of encouraging the internet to create fake criterion covers with <a href="" target="_blank">a year one fake criterion competition</a>.


The Good Times Movie Poster Illustrations Of Olaf Cuadras Ferré


Black Friday is for leftovers, SEC football, and movie marathons.


The Neon Movie Poster Creations Of Mr Whaite

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<a href="!/MrWhaite" target="_blank">Mr Whaite</a> is a pop culture artist and self-proclaimed "digital neon freak" who has quickly carved an online niche for himself with kick@ss neon movie posters for many of our all-time favorite movies.

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If Upcoming Movie Posters Told The Truth


Shopping out the titles on upcoming movie posters and replacing them with fairly obvious, slightly amusing literal titles is a long-running gag on the internet, but much like <a href="" target="_blank">Nic Cage humor</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Alison Brie GIFs</a> they never fail to do it for me.


Morbo Attacks In The Retro Movie Monster Posters By Albert Kallis


Everyone's favorite angry alien newscaster, Morbo the Annihilator on "Futurama," has a lot of explaining to do.


The 12 Types Of Movie Poster Cleavage


As we learned a few weeks ago, in examining <a href="">Movie Poster Booty</a>, movie-poster design is an artform, something that takes years of dedicated instruction and practice, or at least one course at Greendale Community College <a href="">taught by Senor Chang</a>.


This Week In Posters: A Is For Avengers

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There will probably be a slew of new movie posters coming out at Comic Con, what with Twilight: Breaking Dawn and robot ball punchers Real Steel reportedly decorating the facilities with endless reminders of their impending doom releases.

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The Best and Worst of Movie-Poster Booty

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An enormous amount of money and effort goes into a movie's marketing campaign.


Blue Valentine Has A Naughty Poster

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Perhaps the most shocking development in modern movie history, FilmDrunk favorite and admitted cuddlebug Ryan Gosling is starring in a NC-17 movie.

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