Daniel Radcliffe Becomes The Devil In ‘Horns,’ And Punishes Us With A Terrible, Terrible Movie

By | 37 Comments

Ever wanted to see Harry Potter dress like the devil? Probably just look at these pictures then, because the movie is terrible.


‘It Follows': A Supernatural STD Takes Michigan In The Year’s Best Horror Film

By | 34 Comments

A supernatural STD has taken root amongst the bored teens of suburban Michigan in the year's best horror movie.

the maze runner

REVIEW: ‘The Maze Runner’ Is The Most Platonic Gay Porn Ever Designed By Man

By | 23 Comments

In the 'Maze Runner,' young men fight evil, battle spiders, solve logic puzzles.


Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ Makes A Strong Case For An Intervention

By | 117 Comments

'Tusk' will probably not appeal to anyone outside of the smodbubble.


Reese Witherspoon Eats, Prays, Loves, Does Sex, And Goes Into The Wild In ‘Wild’

By | 47 Comments

Reese Witherspoon will travel over a river and into a heroin haze if you will just give her another Oscar already.

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‘Foxcatcher’ Is Great At Looking Like An Awards Movie

By | 42 Comments

If it's a movie you're after, Foxcatcher is certainly that.

#Filmdrunk Reviews

Tom Hardy Steals A Pit Bull Puppy And Your Heart In ‘The Drop’

By | 45 Comments

You'll probably want to wrap your ovaries in Saran Wrap to keep them from exploding.


In ‘The Judge’, Robert Downey And Robert Duvall Star In A Cut-Rate ‘Doc Hollywood’ (TIFF Review)

By | 32 Comments

Ever wondered what 'My Cousin Vinny' would look like if it didn't have jokes and was super long?


‘The Identical’ Is The Ultimate ‘How Did This Get Made’ Movie

By | 57 Comments

Wondering about 'The Identical?' Imagine if Tommy Wiseau from 'The Room' made a Christian-themed, generic Elvis biopic starring himself as twins.


In ‘The Trip To Italy,’ Steve Coogan And Rob Brydon Hone An Already-Successful Formula

By | 21 Comments

Do you like food porn, Michael Caine impressions, and Alanis Morisette? Then you'll love 'The Trip To Italy.'

#Filmdrunk Reviews

Review: ‘Sin City 2′ Is A Movie For Guys Who Wear Fedoras

By | 98 Comments

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' is a scummy movie for scummy people.


Review: ‘Calvary,’ An Irish Film About Alcohol, Catholicism, And Death

By | 60 Comments

Review of 'Calvary,' the new film from 'The Guard' director John Michael McDonagh, brother of 'In Bruges' director Martin McDonagh.


Review: ‘Life After Beth’ Stars Aubrey Plaza As A Jazz-Loving Zombie

By | 32 Comments

Opening today, 'Life After Beth' is a comedy starring Aubrey Plaza as a zombie who loves smooth jazz.


Review: ‘Into The Storm’ Has No Answers Blowin’ In The Wind

By | 19 Comments

Somewhere, a few years back, deep in the bowels of the City of Angels, the following conversation happened: "People will see a local disaster film, right.

#emma stone

Woody Allen’s Charm Can’t Overcome His Creepiness In ‘Magic In The Moonlight’

By | 60 Comments

Woody Allen isn't quite clever enough to overcome his latent creepiness in his latest, Magic in the Moonlight.

movie reviews

Review: ‘Get On Up’ Is Basically ‘Walk Hard: The James Brown Story’

By | 43 Comments

The James Brown biopic 'Get On Up' is a painfully mediocre movie with great acting and an exceptional soundtrack.

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