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Margot Robbie Talks About Mastering Harley Quinn’s Accent In ‘Suicide Squad’

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A big part of Harley Quinn's characterization is her voice, and actress Margot Robbie is hopefully mastering it for Suicide Squad.

Boy Meets World

This ‘Boyhood’ And ‘Boy Meets World’ Mashup Is Far More Powerful Than It Should Be

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This is a brilliant video mash-up of the movie 'Boyhood' and the show 'Boy Meets World' and it works freakishly well.


Why We Should Be Excited About Scarlett Johansson Starring In ‘Ghost In The Shell’

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Scarlett Johansson is set to play the lead in the live-action version of the anime classic, 'Ghost in the Shell.'


How Can Pixar Make ‘The Incredibles 2’ Even Better Than The Original? Here Are A Few Ideas.

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Here are ten ways that 'The Incredibles 2' could possibly improve on the almost perfect original film.


Here’s Proof Hollywood Is Getting Better At Using Texting And The Internet In Movies


Admit it, those 'House of Cards' texting bubbles are pretty genius.


There’s A Petition To Bring ‘Sharknado 3′ To Washington D.C. And It’s Pretty Great

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Petitioners have awesomely dubbed the film "Sharknado 3: Fin-Dependence Day."

The Shire

Take A Sneak Peak Down A Fuzzy Hobbit’s Hole


Honestly, we'd given up hope on The Hobbit.


Warner Brothers Wants An Inception Sequel. Duh.


With all the money that Inception's made at the box office (over $800 million worldwide), it makes sense that someone would want to make a bunch of money from a sequel.

Times Square

Mark Millar Spoils Kick Ass 2 Comic And Movie


Movieweb interviewed Mark Millar about the comic and film adaptation (they'll be pretty much the same) of Kick Ass 2: Balls To The Wall, and he was willing to spill some wonderfully massive spoilery info about the project.

#video games

The 007: Blood Stone Trailer Is The Only James Bond You’re Getting


The trailer's out for the new "Daniel Craig" James Bond video game 007: Blood Stone and it appears to have everything you expect from a Bond game: shooting, random explosions and flying boats.



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It's rare to see a trailer for a Sci-Fi movie that you haven't heard about - usually they cost hundreds of millions of dollars and the studios are going to make sure there is no one on Earth that has heard of it before the first trailer comes out.


“Why Don’t We Laugh At Death And Cry At Birth?”

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I try not to get too personal with my writing or let it cross over into that might not be easy for anyone to relate to.


Video: Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno” Trailer

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I've pretty much ignored this for a few days but now I see why I keep seeing info about the movie & trailer pop up in my RSS feeds.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z – “Brooklyn (We Go Hard)” (Dirty)

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Just the thing needed to get the week going after a weekend of excessive eating, excessive shopping, excessive time with extended family, & neglected keyboards.


Heard Through The Grapevine…

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So, my mom put me on game the other day.

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