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Michael B. Jordan Weighs In On His ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting

By | 62 Comments

Michael B. Jordan knows that a corner of the Internet is angry he's in 'Fantastic Four', and his response to them is...


What The Hell Is ‘Divergent’: An Explainer

By | 16 Comments

'Divergent' is set to clean house in theaters this month... and you've probably never heard of it. Thus, here's what you need to know.


‘Love & Air Sex’ Reviewed By A Guy Who Knows Way Too Much About Air Sex

By | 3 Comments

With Leather reviews 'Love & Air Sex,' a sports movie about the regrets that come with lost love and also people pretending to have sex with dinosaurs.


‘Stage Fright’ Pits A Slasher Against Theater Geeks

By | 5 Comments

'Stage Fright' finally gives theater kids the slasher movie they so richly deserve.


The 8 Scenes From ‘Cruel Intentions’ That Got You Through Puberty


Admit it. You loved this flick then, and you still love it now.


It's A Unix System! You Can Now Play Out Jurassic Park's Hacking Scenes In Real Life.

By | 4 Comments

Hold onto your butt, you can now play out one of Jurassic Park's infamous hacking scenes...


A Los Angeles Newspaper Celebrated ’12 Years A Slave’s Oscar Win With The Worst Headline Imaginable

By | 13 Comments

Well, we almost made it through awards season without a publication running a tacky '12 Years a Slave' headline.


Hugh Jackman: Wolverine Will Be Recast

By | 20 Comments

Hugh Jackman has been inspiring nerd love and creepy fanfic as Wolverine for nearly a decade and a half, but even he thinks he'll have to go eventually.


Baron Von Strucker Is Going To Be In A Lot Of Marvel Movies

By | 5 Comments

Better get used to Baron Von Strucker; he's going to be around on the silver screen for a while.


A Brief History Of 'Godzilla'

By | 4 Comments

Godzilla is set to stomp cinemas this summer... but it's been a long and fruitful sixty years. A look back.


'The Matrix' Is Getting A Prequel Trilogy

By | 32 Comments

Apparently there weren't enough bad movies in the Matrix franchise to satisfy Warner Brothers, so we're getting three more.


Warner Bros. Are Looking To Turn ‘Minecraft’ Into Their Next Blockbuster

By | 2 Comments

There's going to be a 'Minecraft' movie because, shrug, why the hell not?


Marvel Studios Prez Kevin Feige Shares Doctor Strange Movie Info

By | 4 Comments

At a screening on Tuesday night, Marvel's top guy refuted pretty much everything you thought you knew about a possible Doctor Strange movie.

2014 oscars

The Micro Machines Man Is Back, And He’s Here To (Very Quickly) Summarize This Year’s Oscar Nominees

By | 5 Comments

Jimmy Fallon welcomed John Moschitta Jr. to The Tonight Show to quickly summarize this year's Best Picture nominees.


Sony Pictures Is Turning ‘Spider-Man’ Into An Annual Franchise

By | 26 Comments

Like Spider-Man? You'd better, because we're getting a lot of him on the big screen going forward...

2014 oscars

Watch Jennifer Lawrence And The Rest Of This Year’s Oscar Nominees In Their Earliest Roles

By | 14 Comments

Remember the time The Bill Engvall Show helped launch the career of Jennifer Lawrence?


Godzilla Stomps All Over Empire On Its New Cover

By | 3 Comments

Godzilla gets his cover shot and he's looking good in this new image.

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