Chalk One Up For OkCupid, As Brendan Eich Has Stepped Down As Mozilla’s CEO

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In the wake of the backlash over his 2008 donation to California's Proposition 8, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich stepped down today.


OkCupid Asked Users To Boycott Firefox Over Mozilla CEO's Support Of Proposition 8

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Firefox users in search of love were greeted on OkCupid with a page asking them to use another browser to protest Brendan Eich's donation to Prop 8.


Is Dell Really Charging People To Install Firefox On Their Computers?

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Would you believe that it is 2014 and Dell is trying to charge people to install Firefox onto their computers?

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Lightbeam Lets You See Who's Looking At Your Internet History

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Lightbeam is a tool that tells you exactly how private the web is.


Mozilla Learns the Hard Way That Everyone Hates Constant Software Updates

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The three words Firefox users have learned to dread is "rapid release schedule.


Why Is The DHS Trying To Meddle With Firefox?


As we all know, Osama Bin Laden took a bullet IN.

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