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This ‘Better Call Saul’ Prop Billboard In Albuquerque Subtlely Suggests Saul’s First Lawyer Gimmick

By | 14 Comments

The first 'Better Call Saul' prop billboard has popped up in Albuquerque and it's REAL and AMAZING.


What Spending A Drunken Night With David Cross Is Like

By | 7 Comments

"We then went to a few bars on Call Lane, sh*t got wild down there." David Cross is great.

yelling and screaming

Please Enjoy This Supercut Of Bob Odenkirk Screaming At People On ‘Mr. Show’

By | 12 Comments

Before he was on "Breaking Bad," Bob Odenkirk spent a lot of time yelling at people on "Mr. Show." Here's a little proof.


Bob Odenkirk And David Cross Announced A Limited But Awesome Fall Tour

By | 13 Comments

Mr. Show castmates Bob Odenkirk and David Cross announced that they'll be going on a small fall tour to a few very lucky cities.


Screw It, Let’s Just Watch A Bunch Of Clips From ‘Mr. Show’

By | 43 Comments

Sometimes everything is terrible. Luckily, there are tons of old "Mr. Show" clips on YouTube.


HBO's 10 Greatest Musical Moments

By | 37 Comments

It didn’t take long for the season-three premiere of “Eastbound & Down” to remind us we were watching one of the best shows on TV.


TV’s Greatest Marriage Proposals

By | 22 Comments

In a fortuitous twist of romantic fate, Warming Glow's listmaker-in-chief Josh Kurp and I both got engaged within the same month this fall.


Ten Essential Books About Television

By | 24 Comments

Most books written about TV are terrible.

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