MSNBC Has Canceled ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ And ‘The Reid Report’

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Ronan Farrow's MSNBC program 'Ronan Farrow Daily' and Joy Reid's The Reid Report have been canceled due to disappointing ratings.

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Tom Brokaw’s Cell Phone Is More Important Than Nonstop Election Coverage

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After his iPhone 6 Plus's siren started blaring during MSNBC's election coverage, Tom Brokaw played it off like the legend that he is.


Everything At MSNBC Is Going Great (Everything Is Not Going Great)

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MSNBC just posted record low ratings, continuing its slide to the bottom of the cable news pack.


WaPo Reporter Arrested In Ferguson Slams Joe¬†Scarborough For Criticizing Reporters Covering The Protests

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Arrested Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery takes MSNBC's Joe Scarborough to task for ignorant comments about the standoff in Ferguson.

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MSNBC Spitefully Labeled A Former Contributor ‘Palestinian Journalist’ After She Spoke About The Network’s Bias

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MSNBC didn't like the way a contributor pointed out their bias towards Israel, so they made sure to let EVERYONE know she was Palestinian.


A Howard Stern Fan Pranked MSNBC During Its Malaysia Airlines Coverage

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Krystal Ball, host of MSNBC's 'The Cycle,' fell victim to a very poorly-timed prank by a Howard Stern fan during her plane crash coverage.

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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Thinks Activision And A Murderous Dictator Are The Same Thing

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Mika Brzezinski is apparently a neuroscientist, and knows video games are bad for you. Honest.


Study: People Are Learning More From ‘The Colbert Report’ Than Any Other News Show

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A new study reveals that by using humor and satire, 'The Colbert Report' has been better as educating Americans than all other news sources.


This Is Just A Fantastic Supercut Of Al Sharpton Pronouncing Every Word Wrong

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Just try to keep a straight face as Al Sharpton butchers the words scrolling on the teleprompter in front of him.


MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Had A Little NCAA And NAACP Snafu, Too

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In what probably came as a relief to Heather Childers, Ronan Farrow also confused the NCAA and NAACP on his MSNBC show.


Mika Brzezinski Literally Pulled A Live Cat Out Of Her Bag On ‘Morning Joe’

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'Morning Joe' co-host Mika Brzezinski might actually be losing her mind.


Mika Brzezinski Is Sick And Tired Of The Speculation About Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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This morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe program, Mika Brzezinski finally cracked and said what a lot of people have been thinking re: Flight 370 on the air.


Alec Baldwin Blames Everyone Else But Himself For His Problems, Leaves Public Life For Good

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Alec Baldwin is not going to talk about his life publicly anymore, but that won't stop the media from talking about it for him.

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MSNBC Abruptly Interrupted A Congresswoman Mid-Sentence With ‘BREAKING’ Justin Bieber News

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Congresswoman Jane Harman is interrupted whilst talking about the NSA by breaking news on MSNBC. It's very important news, you guys.

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NY Times Columnist Says Astonishingly Dumb Things About Weed, Inspires Joe Scarborough To Do Likewise

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Out-of-touch, middle-aged white people David Brooks and Joe Scarborough don't approve legalizing marijuana, because it makes people dumb, or something.


Watch Glenn Greenwald Lay The Smack Down On MSNBC Over Edward Snowden And NSA Leaks

By | 22 Comments

Snowden defender Glenn Greenwald made an appearance on MSNBC and set his sights on the network and others in the mainstream media.

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