In Which We Look Back On The Life And Career Of Eminem

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The rap beef that changed Marshall Mathers' life.


How ‘Inside Edition,’ CNN and MTV News Reported Tupac’s 1994 Quad Studios Shooting

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"Don't get caught up in the mix 'cause the media's full of dirty tricks.


Rick Ross Tops MTV’s “Hottest MCs” List

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The NBA's TV schedule today was fantastic from start to finish* and caused me to ignore any of the stirrings in rap until tonight, where I found Twitter ablaze regarding MTV's "Hottest MCs" finale.


MTV’s 2011 “Hottest MC’s” = FAIL

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If MTV hasn't lost its credibility in your eyes by now, their nominees for the "Hottest MC's In The Game VII" might be the tipping point.

Wiz Khalifa

MTV’s First Date With Wiz & Curren$y: The Outtakes

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Thought it was the Kush & OJ that had Wiz sitting there like he was auditioning for the remake of Weekend At Bernie's last go around didn't ya.

#Jay Z

Video: Jay-Z Speaks On Blueprint 3 Leaking

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Unfettered by the idea that his hand-to-hand plan did not succeed, Shawn Corey cordially accepts the defeat handed to him by you robbers & pillagers.

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